"i dont do anything, i just am"

the only thing thats real

is the tingle in my legs

while i was sleeping

you and your video games

gulping down forbidden things

like it was nothing to me.

When you were there

and i was sane

its only perfect for the moments inbetween

poker chips and heroin

But now its all just hide and seek

i wish i may i wish i might

have the stength for tomorrow night

Author's Notes/Comments: 

over and over

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Which is Why

I have this pain

in my head...

I glow this color

Which shines red.

I cry these tears

Which are unseen

And I have no shoulders

Which I can lean!

I'm so lost

and so confused

I'm all mixed up

and writing the blues.

So after a discussion

Which all said

I make my mind up

and relax my head

I tell myself

Keep up your head

and say the things

That have to be said

and if you don't like

then let me be

Cause, I can no longer

Be scared of being me!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Feb 3,2005

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Another Sleepless Night

ill take it all away

the next day im gone

shattered glass

the bullet missed its mark

pain shooting through my vaines

but the bullet never hit

what pain is so unjust

burns my insides apart

but ill rember the day

o how every word i say stumbles at your feet

never to be read only to be lost

gray skys encomber me

running away from the start

raceing twords the finish

im at the start again

just a different race

the sun falling on the horizon

time slips away with such grace

so this is what it feels like to be a faliure

betrayal in the hearts of many

nobody sees the breath fleeting my body

my eyes are numb to the day

only incite it my heart, cold as stone

so desperate

cursed be thy name

all the stories left untold

my hopes and my dreams

couldnt take me there

i have failed

why are these thoughts here

all you fuckers hate

stay back away

your one drop in a statistical ocean of people

if i only knew how to take time back

stop the seconds

halt the minits

fight back the tears as i look into your eyes

these tear staind eyes say it all

but youll never know

the end is near

how do i tell the angels

lost in thought

its just another sleepless night

and the voice keep asking why

i speak my hear

give what i have to give

take this and hold it tight because its all i have left

give till theres nothing left of me

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Coup de grace

This agony is so much absorbed in me that

Every night I try to kill my self

Just in case to end the misery

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How long have I been here?

Waiting, wondering

Why don't you answer me?

Sitting, questioning

Where is my Siloam?

What direction do I take

To get where you want me?

To the place called "sent"?

I know somewhere I know

Where this place is

But I'm not willing to

Take the chance and go

The mud on my eyes has dried

And still you tell me

"Wash in the pool of Siloam"

Go to the place called sent

It's time to go ...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

(John 9:1-7 - Siloam means "Sent")
Wrote this when I was wondering where to go with my life.

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Doing This for Me

Doing this for me

During our time together

You made me happy

You made me want you

You where my light

When I was in the most darkness

When I was ready to free myself

Then something happened

I trusted him again

I trusted the one that hurt me

Now you hate me

You despise me

You wish me dead

You where going to take you own life

For I had someone else in mine

Someone I wouldn’t give up

Not even for you

You blocked me

Deleted me from your heart

Gave me back my soul

Broke my heart

But you’re there

I’m here

And so is he

That’s why I said yes

I can hold him

Touch him and feel him

I can’t do that to you

I wish I could

So bad I wish this

But it’s not true

Hate me if you wish

But I’m doing this for me

I’m staying with him for me

I need someone that I can be with

And not have to worry about distance

Not have to worry about what he’s really doing

I went though that before

And it ended in sadness

And anger, I don’t want that with you

Is it possible… love?

That I love you so much that it’ll hurt too much

To be with you but not at the same time

Because that’s how I feel for you

I know I love you, and that you hate me

But I can’t be with you, not like this

So far away

If you still wish to hate me

Then do so

At lest you’ll feel something for me

For once I’m not doing this for someone else

I’m not going to say I’ll be with you

And then realize that I’m not there

I’m not going to put myself through that again

I’m not going to hurt you like that either

So this is your choice

You can choose to still talk to me

You can choose to hate me forever

You can choose to wish me dead

But remember this

I love you too much to let you go

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Letting Go


The scene outside matches my mood

cold and rainy, like its missing you too

But I'm giving up today,

I'm convinced things won't change and its too much to go through

I can't give up, its too hard to let go

I'm sure that I have to, but I just can't say no

everytime I see you, I know its you I love

I don't know what it is, Its like a bond from up above

I try so hard, but I can't do this anymore

It may hurt for awhile, but I'll have to close the door

The door to my heart, I keep letting you in

Its so easy because I want to, but I know I'll never win

I hurt so bad at times, but I know its not your fault

I'm sure you never wanted this

you never tried to make this happen

we never wanted all of this

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Fast Life

10 Seconds at a time

is the way to live life

Stressing and worrying

only leads to strife

Life is a rollercoaster

it has it's ups and downs

Never getting off

is the best thing around

Looking ahead

will leave you in a fury

Look at the now

and you don't have to worry

As you go on

your path of life

Look at the now

and give up the strife

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Abt the idea of no regrets and no fear in life, I wish I could actually follow it

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New Love.....(not a good poem its depressing)

i love my life, i love the pain

i love sitting alone in the rain

i dont care anymore about what you do

i dont care if you yell, stab, or kill me too

im not damned to hell since i was already there

they brought me back so i stay here

i stay where my life fucking sucks

people use me just to laugh and get a couple bucks

i am labled a Bitch and i am proud of it

i dont care who you are, oh dont even twitch

cause i know where you live you fucking Bitch!!!!!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i'm not going to complain or anything since i accept what i am

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