closet boxes 2003

What is the worth

of a few gold coins

or even millions-

when you are gone

no one left to see

the significance

of your petty selfishness.

What is the worth

to the life you live

when everything has a price-

even you must pay

unable to reap the benifits


too see what you were missing.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Everything has a price

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running_with_rabbits's picture

Everythign may have a price
but everything alos has a good reason for the price
and an even better reson for paying it

you just need to look for those few small moments
when a bad friendship shines
or an ex lover who has hurt you comes thro for you

or when a best friend (who has had a rocky time with you in the past few months) comes online ad critiques your poem (the way you did) and makes your bad week seem like nothing, coz what theysaid was so heartful and so true that you remembered all the love they had for you, and forget how thngs have been rocky and almost cry and miss them like you'd miss your right arm (or left if the case maybe)


Much Love