The Dud

It’s a passing cause

A ripple effect

That’ll drive my soul

To pause and reflect

Would it be so?

If we had just passed by

The knife that would cut me

Slowly into my side

Then this light would never have shone so bright

That the stars in the heavens would surly ignite

To a more powerful beacon then has ever been shown

Dropping so gently upon our sweet home

And if this light had never been unleashed

Would the stars in the heavens drop head and weep

For the passing of a great joy in there span

A great fire now just a flash in the pan

So if dear nurse you do simply oppose

Shaking me off like the petal of a rose

I will return to my life as a passer by

Secretly waving my own sweet goodbye

Author's Notes/Comments: 

back in the game

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No More Nights


"No More Nights"   10 - 6 - 03

i'm sitting back, relaxing here

enjoying the air and a beer

the malt liquor goes down right

just as well as this very night

.... well no more.

my mind is jambled and blank

but one thought tops the ranks

why have i come so far for this

i've gone so long, forgotten bliss

.... well no more.

i'm a lonesome man, this is true

and my thoughts reflect back to you

all those nights that we shared

never alone, we were a pair

.... well no more.

the tears shatter the once silent

my body's emotions compliment

the liguor, the night, on a job well-done

then my thoughts drift back to the gun

.... well no more.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

it's obvious... the course

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Do you remember playing football with me?

do you remember shoting hoops with me?

do you remember standing up for me ?


can't you tell i am hurt,

i cant wait for this to pass,

can't you tell i dont want to listen to those storys no more,

can't wait for this to end,

Do you remember talking all night,

do you remember hunk shoe,

do you remember walking to school with me in 3rd grade,


i am scared for you,

i cant take it no more,

i dont want to cry no more,

i want you back

you were my sister

somtimes my only friend

you were my conpanion

somtimes the only light i seen

what happen to all those fun things

playing football in 3 feet of snow

getting in shit for not going to sleep when we were told

going to the mall hitting on guys

what happen to us?

Do you remember all of these things


they run though my mind all of the time

they hunt me in my sleep never known when they will happen agian

so i only have one question for you



Author's Notes/Comments: 

to my sister jannelle I LOVE YOU and i want to know do you remember all of the cool things we used to do we played football in like  3 feet of snow i never could play b ball but she showed me we watched hockey together play fighting over who was better mogilny or iggy lol i miss these things

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Sands of Time


What's wrong with me? I feel inferior,

I feel for death as it strikes me superior,

The purpose of life is as worthless as hellos and goodbyes,

when a stranger looks me straight in the eyes.

As I watch the hourglass run out of times,

I notice teardrops coming out of my eyes.

The sky is my father that lies far above,

the ocean, my brother, contributes my love,

I look down and squint as I feel the pain,

but somehow it tells me not to be ashamed.

As i tip the hourglass it shatters,

for life itself doesn't really seem to matter,

then I realize what I've done is my crime,

I'm just guilty of sending away the sands of time.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Published 1991, Watermark Press

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Jeffery Williams

Someone is waiting,

to be a soulmate,

with you forever.

It's a person,

who listens,

sheds tears,

who holds you,

through your fears,

who says "I Love You",

who is sincere,

& who truly knows,

who you are.

I had a soulmate,

painfully scared him,

now I'm alone,

waiting for him,

to someday realize,

a heavy mistake;

with open arms,

& a become soulmates,

so we will never,

be apart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem goes to 'Jeff' The end of a relationship I once loved.

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Plain Jane

Plain Jane, don’t let me go

You’re not as blank as they say

The sparks in your head fly away

Please don’t leave me, plain Jane.

You told me that you were forgotten

You said no one understands

Then you make those crazy demands

But Jane, you add a brand new voice.

Plain Jane, you worry like you’ll die tomorrow

Making mountains out of molehills

Emotions flying because you have no fill

But Jane, you rock my world.

You said you wouldn’t let me go

Cause we needed light

I made you spicy; I am now night

But Jane, you said you’d never know.

Jane, remember when the tunnel ended?

We forgot our main decision

We forgot about our lesions

Didn’t you realize then that it was time?

Plain Jane, I know I said I’d not let go

But the time is obviously plain

Since now we cause each other pain

Plain Jane, it’s better if I go.

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Short of Breath

A little strange

A sense of helplessness

lack of sanity

Torn between darkness and light

Teetering on the edge,almost falling

Reaching for hands to hold

The boundries fading rapidly

Losing the integrity desperatly fought for

Intentional destruction a given

Unsure of self

Fighting for reason

Memories fading fast,losing hope

Drowning in the chaos


Definatly ....

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Mädchen schreit, "Blöde Kuh."

Fragte deren Stiefmutter, "Wer bist du?"

Verlassen hat eure Mutter euch

Längst bevor ich hier her kam

Warum schießt du jetzt mich an,

Ohne Grund, dauernd?

Was habe ich euch getan?

Zu liebe euch

das Essen gekocht;

dass euer Vater sofort verliebt war?

Habt keine Angst

Euer Geld bleibt

Kein Thema auch

Wenn jemand hat mich beklaut.


Fall; Gericht; Polizei.

Gerechtigkeit, der lieber Gott

Heißt, vergibt vergeben. Vergiß, verwenden

Hass überwinden

So kannst du raus von

deiner eigenen Faust gebauten Isolation. Knast.

Aus dem Fehlentscheidung raus, Kehraus, hieran.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Relevant in present day society with such thorough exchange -- of parents, I mean!

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Sighing for the Last

weeping heartbeats

i wont forget myself.

i think I’m beyond my best before.

fading, placed back on the shelf

now, just waiting

waiting for my life to die

and colour to arise

i want to go now

but I am too linked

catch me when I fall

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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