You called me one night crying

And said you were sick of trying

I didn’t understand it then, but I do now

So I’ll try and help you the only way I know how

But I also heard in your voice a cry

That told me you wanted to die

And I knew I couldn’t let you go

So now I just have to let you know

You’re the greatest friend I could ever find

And I’m sorry that sometimes I can be blind

And put you off and look away

When I think you have something stupid to say

But I just want you to always believe

That any goal you set, you can achieve

Because deep inside you’re a good person

And you can help your life not worsen

If you just believe in yourself and friends

You will be fine till this trouble ends

So when I hung up that phone I knew it was good

And you would only do the thing you knew you should

Which was to go on with your life and just live it

It wasn’t worth all the trouble to just up and quit

So I’m glad that I could help you believe

And I know for awhile you will have to grieve

Because what you went through was hard

And deep down inside you are eternally scarred

Now the phone is hung up and I’ve said goodbye

Deep down I’m praising that you didn’t die.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem for one of my friends who wanted to kill herself. Lets just say it helped...alot.

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And I've been keeping a journal

Of accomplishments and several failures

And through the text I can see a greeting

The third eye has fallen in between the pages

And then again I'm hypnotized

By a profound process of thought thrown aside

Previously you cannot begin to understand

The infinite of my condition

Say a verse to your soul to keep it healthy

If not, then be prepared to become a demon

Stop staring at these shiney new pieces of hardware

And move your own god damn feet

You don't need a license to pursue your soul mate

But then again, it's never that convenient

Sarcasm, it's a weapon

As well as despair

Optimism is more like a drug every passing year

And it gets stronger as more people take part

It's dark in this box

And it's getting hard to breath, to move

Maybe it's composed of cardboard, wood, steel, diamond

Does it matter? It shouldn't

Because every person knows their own means of breaking through.

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It devastates me

To look into those eyes

Terrified to see the look

Of horror and surprise

        I won't utter a word

        And you will never suspect

        That I'll depart from you

        Don't think this is disrespect

I don't want to leave

Don't want to run far away

But the time will come

And I shall disappear on that day

         I cannot tell you why

         And it injures me so

         To keep it a secret from you

         It hurts more than you know

My poetry runs deeply

Flowing from my heart

Trying to find the words

To tell you why I shall depart

         But the words are hidden

         Deep in a place so cursed

         Lost from reality

         And things so much worst

We've been together

For a great time of length

You now depend on me

For your advice and strength

         You see me as so much

         Much more than I am inside

         You ask an awful lot from me

         More than I'm able to provide

I am not the man you think I am

Not the man that I appear

I wish I could tell you

But it's hard to explain I fear

         I just want you to know

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(This is dedicated to
all my friends that
are my family)

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Divided We Fall

V1: One eye strays away

As the other stays

It watches her wait

The other now fades

I cannot be torn

I cannot sustain

The choice is not mine

Tolerate the pain

And my thoughts argue

The conflict breeding

Now I stop myself

From just succeeding

So simple and yet

Delicate to threat

So overwhelming

I can't choose just yet...

C: In times of two dimensions

I see in only blood red

Though outlined by simple grey

The shade of negativity

So naive and so fragile

A structure composed of trauma

A swift kick could bring it down

Watch it fall and destroy us all...

V2: I can't stop laughing

These aren't tears of joy

I can't remember

Who are you and why?

Stop gawking at me

I've fallen too far

I know you can see me

But ash cakes my eyes

These are the remains

Of something before

Something so pretty

Standing oh so tall

But all things must end

And this did as well

I took its rightful place

As far as I can tell..


V3: I'm drowning in mud

Maybe it's oil

Is this my doing?

Or am I dreaming

Two distant phantoms

One still, one approaching

I'm scared to take her hand

I reach for the stranger

Is it just because

I fear past mistakes?

Maybe I'm curious

Maybe I'm stupid

To trust one's instincts,

Is to take a risk.

One that may break a heart

Or even save a life..

I must decide.


We all have fallen down

We stare at the clouds

Are they trying to speak?

Or do they just float about...?

I wonder.


Author's Notes/Comments: 


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just for this day let us not forget

there are paths yet located

and wines yet tasted

so such sweetness for all things shallow

and vague is wasted

there are cities in ruin

same as hearts in battered despair

and its GOD who comforts us even those

who swear he is not even there

I sweep up my guts and grit

and pocket them along with my

fluctuating strength

being human takes a lot out of the soul

but thankfully for many

time is realized for what it is

a structure placed upon us

to enable the soul a venue

in which to teach and be taught

give and be given to

sew and be sewn

for man in all his fallacies

is the finest farmer

to all life known

(Nov 29,2003 115am)

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Are You Bortal... Or Mortal?"


"Are You Bortal... Or Mortal?"   12 - 01 - 03

i see the world does it see me

this blind world it's a disease

i am the victim stuck in here

part of the system held by fear

guns and fires kill every day

taboo desires condemned if stray

i wish for more than a friend

but it's a chore useless in the end

marriage is a jail morals are a sin

i'm going to hell i know i won't win

so join in the game where everyone dies

there's no blame and that's not a lie

your "here and now" you've got to decide

live it up somehow or comitt bortal suicide...

bortal is a made-up word meaning "boring mortal". aren't i so clever?

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Glamorous Rust

You'd think that after fifteen years

You'd know yourself a bit better

Your insides still coil and turn

Without your awareness of pain

You see your intrigue and your fault

And you remain steady in faith

Though you are so oblivious

Can you not see the brick wall there?

I can and I can avoid it

But you and it collide head first

Stand up my traumatized fellow

And be the last to see it fall

I admire your slight blood loss

Please, enjoy your lethargic state

Forgive your lack of direction

And flaunt your tolerance for pain

Don't be shocked with your infamy

Just ready your mind and prepare

For the worst has yet to arrive

And we must assume negative.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Again right here I am

Wondering one more time

Am I doing right or wrong

Can this be just another  mistake of mine...

Silence all of sudden weighs

And speaks just the same

Heart doesn't know anymore

Where to really turn to...

I am lost at words sometimes

Could be I'm right this time

With you  I am not so sure

If doing it this way it's right or wrong...

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To Be The Man You Are Meant To Be

You talk with power

Of large curved desks

of mahogany gold

and teak wood walls

with antique trims

Is this the language

with which you speak

or just what I hear you say

Or where I see you sit

In your high arched

deep red leather chair

Can you imagine

how my breath will catch

to see you there

to feel you near

And know it is exactly where you should be

and will be

One day soon, this dream

this vision

will become that which

You have created

one day soon, you will be

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for someone whom I have great admiration for, who is my mentor and friend. Someone I am eternally grateful for his friendship and I wish him everything his heart desires. For you my Friend.

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