The Dud

It’s a passing cause

A ripple effect

That’ll drive my soul

To pause and reflect

Would it be so?

If we had just passed by

The knife that would cut me

Slowly into my side

Then this light would never have shone so bright

That the stars in the heavens would surly ignite

To a more powerful beacon then has ever been shown

Dropping so gently upon our sweet home

And if this light had never been unleashed

Would the stars in the heavens drop head and weep

For the passing of a great joy in there span

A great fire now just a flash in the pan

So if dear nurse you do simply oppose

Shaking me off like the petal of a rose

I will return to my life as a passer by

Secretly waving my own sweet goodbye

Author's Notes/Comments: 

back in the game

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Nicole.J.Burgess's picture

And about time too, I must say. This is a prime example of why I love your writting, the words flow, I can imagine someone reading them and it being so beautiful. The wording is simply amazing. I love this one. Welcome back, stay longer I hope.


running_with_rabbits's picture

k i don't like but the end was good
i don't know why in just think you can do better

but long time no see how r u?

Much Love