Divided We Fall

V1: One eye strays away

As the other stays

It watches her wait

The other now fades

I cannot be torn

I cannot sustain

The choice is not mine

Tolerate the pain

And my thoughts argue

The conflict breeding

Now I stop myself

From just succeeding

So simple and yet

Delicate to threat

So overwhelming

I can't choose just yet...

C: In times of two dimensions

I see in only blood red

Though outlined by simple grey

The shade of negativity

So naive and so fragile

A structure composed of trauma

A swift kick could bring it down

Watch it fall and destroy us all...

V2: I can't stop laughing

These aren't tears of joy

I can't remember

Who are you and why?

Stop gawking at me

I've fallen too far

I know you can see me

But ash cakes my eyes

These are the remains

Of something before

Something so pretty

Standing oh so tall

But all things must end

And this did as well

I took its rightful place

As far as I can tell..


V3: I'm drowning in mud

Maybe it's oil

Is this my doing?

Or am I dreaming

Two distant phantoms

One still, one approaching

I'm scared to take her hand

I reach for the stranger

Is it just because

I fear past mistakes?

Maybe I'm curious

Maybe I'm stupid

To trust one's instincts,

Is to take a risk.

One that may break a heart

Or even save a life..

I must decide.


We all have fallen down

We stare at the clouds

Are they trying to speak?

Or do they just float about...?

I wonder.


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