No More Nights


"No More Nights"   10 - 6 - 03

i'm sitting back, relaxing here

enjoying the air and a beer

the malt liquor goes down right

just as well as this very night

.... well no more.

my mind is jambled and blank

but one thought tops the ranks

why have i come so far for this

i've gone so long, forgotten bliss

.... well no more.

i'm a lonesome man, this is true

and my thoughts reflect back to you

all those nights that we shared

never alone, we were a pair

.... well no more.

the tears shatter the once silent

my body's emotions compliment

the liguor, the night, on a job well-done

then my thoughts drift back to the gun

.... well no more.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

it's obvious... the course

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NO More Info's picture

this is tight!

I love this piece...
grab it by the ballz!