Waitin The 42 -- Notes From Purgatory

Seen the stooped

Burdenweary shoulder

Knifed with thought

Waitin' the 42

Ellison your agonies doubled in our gutters

And equal numbers

Of angels whisper the street's calming bus times

To the unslinging of bags off shoulder

Under the system

That is the bench too

And the bags

And the transit from burden bleary day

Knifed with thought

Ellison you fool

We are all writers and martyrs

Fighting the blackness with inkpens

But thank you for the kindness

Our feet exemplefy the freedom

The whistling masses

Are crowded with

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is for Harlan Ellison, who's "Notes from Purgatory" is just plain awesome, and inspired this poem.

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