Love Will Find Away

I always believed that love would find away

Isn't that what all the other people say?

And after all I have been through

I still believe it too.

After all the heartache I still believe that

Love will push through the darkness

And bring forth the bright sunny skies, which lie, beneath the clouds.

Someone once told me if it's meant to be

Something will happen

Just wait and see

How long do I wait?

And how will I know?

The waiting game is the part I hate

How long is it before it's my turn to glow?

I guess I'll have to wait and then I will know.

Love will find a way to get to me...



And that love will be true.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

s true.... it always has a way

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Someday Soon's picture

Hey dear...its odd..i found this poem today....u know.. I believe it. I really do. adn u know what...I think this ones for real...I juist got this weird feelin... thanx for listening.. and thanx for everything. I love ure writing... its really coming along... ure an amazing person... and i luv ya bunches hope ya have a good one. Hugs BFFL jENNIFER/aka someday_soon

Someday Soon's picture

wish i could believe that.