love is god

when it rains

When it rains

I’m at peace with my heart,

Ever senesce I was little,

I sit outside for hours on end

Listening to the to the earth let it in

The smell is so great

Air nice and crisp,

I have not a clue why

I’ve always been like this

Maybe it’s for God to know

And me to enjoy,

When I have a lot going on

And so much pain

It seems to always rain,

Soon right after,

 Things start to go right,

It’s a gift from

I am What I am

I grab on tight.

Never do I question

Or complain I say thank you

And listen to the rain.

When it rains

 Just do one thing

Acknowledge it, 

And you will see

Your life problems start to recede,

When it rains

 I'm at easy thank you God

for Loving me


Author's Notes/Comments: 

mother nature is a great gift from god

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               HOLY GHOST 

Let me to your path,

My naked flesh inside the silver light,

Blind of trust,

Waiting to meet the Holy Ghost!


Not turning back,

No regrets,

Ashes to ashes,

Leaving the ground…


I can hear the melody of sorrow,

The tears of a friend.

The divine ground falling over my body,

My eyes blind by dust!


Feeling humble, like a lamb,

Going to the stable of god,

Sinner from the day I was born,

Begging for forgiveness….


I can see the door,

Proud in the mist,

Open my heart,

Open my soul…


Your hands waiting to grab,

You simple mortal,

With a heart full of compassion,

Melting in your divine aura…


The caress of your forgiveness,

The kiss of love,

Innocent child of you,

I embrace your compassion…. 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

at an early age i was told i was bless with a gift caall forgiveness, but i will be happy to have the gift of compassion, true love is compassion, and i know this will cure me of all the sickness of who torture my soul

, i had the chance to be around peoples who had dedicated it their life to it, in everythings they do, to love and feel pain when they see pains, and share it by felting it, i saw some miracle, so i know compassion is real and through mediation, i always try to fell compassion for all sentient beings,