my friend

My Friend [Haqueian Verse]

Haqueian Verse


Where are you?

Missing you,

Come, let’s time,


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since when i get the new definition
since when i enter the reality
since then i know what is true friendship

sitting in the shadow of purity
like I never heard of a word impurity
sick and tired being around with nobody
with those self reflectivity

sitting in a another line
i found some friends who were in another line
one of them still telling me about the past
still remark memories till of the last
she started with her cute smile
and never let that end
and like that end never came
in the fight of height
she became our light
she was bridge of friendship of our true sight

giving us path
who is always ready to joint us
like our own structure
like we joint to earth because of gravity
she is our gravity
my friend RANJANA

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about my friend ranjana

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oh! my friend

At that time
yes, i'm talking about that time
when i just fed up
when i really needed a cure
just wanted to get off
from everything where i'm in rolled

well yeah we say this is a life
some days are glow
some days are woe
since a few days
i've change totally
cause i feel everything woefully

my friend
that was true, when i look at her
she hugged me, she slapped me
and said "your friend is here
there's nothing to worry"
i didn't get angry
well that was all imaginary
but it felt that was the one thing
that she always wanted to tell me
and it felt so good
that she is still that my old friend
felt good that she really care

everything change with time
we get old with time
new technologies come and go
even after a fight
even that broken heart
we want to re bond
now i get it

Author's Notes/Comments: 

here i'm talking about bond with my friend

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forever, my friend

a word is enough to break a heart
but what i did was worse than that
friendship is a word enough for a heart
but what i said was full of hate

walking on the road
had a different steps
someone had a cute smile,
someone had a faith
like walking in a free sky
but there was a normal reaction
then everything got change
as one in a evil way...
it was started with something else
but end on a breakable thread
and on unfaithful heart

perhaps, the war of friendship was just begun
perhaps, it's too late for apologize
perhaps, you will never forgive me
perhaps, this fight will never end
fight will always be there
but one thing never disappear
this heart without his soul
and this eyes without that smile

i believe in happier tomorrow
i believe in you, forever
this friendship will live forever

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               HOLY GHOST 

Let me to your path,

My naked flesh inside the silver light,

Blind of trust,

Waiting to meet the Holy Ghost!


Not turning back,

No regrets,

Ashes to ashes,

Leaving the ground…


I can hear the melody of sorrow,

The tears of a friend.

The divine ground falling over my body,

My eyes blind by dust!


Feeling humble, like a lamb,

Going to the stable of god,

Sinner from the day I was born,

Begging for forgiveness….


I can see the door,

Proud in the mist,

Open my heart,

Open my soul…


Your hands waiting to grab,

You simple mortal,

With a heart full of compassion,

Melting in your divine aura…


The caress of your forgiveness,

The kiss of love,

Innocent child of you,

I embrace your compassion…. 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

at an early age i was told i was bless with a gift caall forgiveness, but i will be happy to have the gift of compassion, true love is compassion, and i know this will cure me of all the sickness of who torture my soul

, i had the chance to be around peoples who had dedicated it their life to it, in everythings they do, to love and feel pain when they see pains, and share it by felting it, i saw some miracle, so i know compassion is real and through mediation, i always try to fell compassion for all sentient beings,