Opened Eyes


Opened Eyes


Breathless take of the rolling meadow,

showered in kisses from morning dew

surreality prompted by shining sun,

its beauty witnessed 'neath heaven's blue


Breezy wisps across season's tinctured shades,

creating spangled rainbows of shimmering light

vivid colors stretching past horizon's edge,

each flower's majestic bloom sparkling bright


Diminishing stars bringing paradise defined,

glimmer for night shared with breaking day

an  essence of Eden in all that's seen,

opening your eyes will lead the way


© C.E.Vance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It may be short - but it says exactly what I want it to… This defines me. Just another handful of words.

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Take my hand, it won't be far -
let's walk together into dark.
Reality can't cage our hearts,
I promise you it's just a start.

Are you afraid of word 'forever'?
Forget the meaning life has given.
The place I'll take you to is better -
be brave and break out of this prison.

Create a world anew from scratch,
mold its shape from void and silence.
The bluebird won't be hard to catch,
it's our home - the new asylum.