*The Colors Of Nature*


 Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins


The color of all the leaves when they change 

For when they get ready for winter 

Where all the animals get arranged 

And you trying to get out that wood splinter

For the winters snow will begin to fall 

When the insects go into hiding 

You know they heard the colds call 

Watching all the animals deciding


All the colors of nature 

Change the look of everything 

All the leaves color the pasture 

All the beauty that nature has to bring 

In the kids hearing all their laughter 

A calm sound when the nature sings


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Miraculous Birds in Islam

 Miracles do happen,


Even a hudhud brought news to Sulaiman,


About the Queen of Sheba, Bilqis,

 She did embrace Islam after which.



Once the ruler of Yemen named Abraha,

 Intended to invade Mecca to demolish the Kaaba,

 Suddenly flocks of birds appeared throwing stones upon the army,

 With the grace of Allah, the Omnipresent, the Almighty.



In protecting the Holy Prophet in the Cave of Thaur,


Played their parts effectively- the dove and spider.


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*Summers Memory*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Two birds just chillin on a telephone wire

Chirpin amoung themselves

I want to take that picture

And put it on my shelf

The closeness of these love birds is a thing to admire


Watching a butterfly on a flower

So beautiful but fragile it would disappear

With a heavy breeze

She hides during a summers shower

This all has put me in a trance like freeze


I do not want the day to end

As I look towards the sky

It reminds me of the calming seas

All the different shades I capture

I want to be a bird

To beable to fly

To get so close to the views

Up so high in that tree

Looking down below

Enjoying all the movement

Making memorys of summers scent

So no thinking of snow


Laying in the cut grass on the ground

Bees buzzing collecting their food

Enjoying the summers sound

Of a birds beautiful but sweet melody of a song

At this moment my stress is free

I'm in the greatest of moods

Nothing can go wrong

Just laying here lazy as can be 

Just enjoying the nature around me 


The warmth of the sun

Wraps me with its rays

The cool breeze through my hair

Watching the kids having fun

Ahhh these are the perfect days

All I do is smile and take a picture to share


Making new friends 

Swimming in the pool

Children make pretend

While playing at the park

Summer truely does rule

Can't wait for the fireworks after dark

We are so not ready for school 


I could enjoy summer all year long

The heat of the sun

Will always out beat the cold 

Summertime makes me feel strong

Winter time if you hear me "Stay away!"

Don't make the day turn wrong 

Never even come another day


Shorts T-shirts and ice cream

Flowers suns warmth and summertime 

Spending eachday in a summers day dream

Smelling fresh cut lemons

And listening to the wind chimes


Summers memory

Will be stuck in my mind

For when winter comes around

But for now I will enjoy what I find

In summertimes loving sound



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Can't wait for summer :-)

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*On The Wings Of An Angel*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


The wind on my face

The clouds thick before my eyes

So soft like cotton balls

The feeling like lace

My angel calls

Keeping my grip

As my angel flies

Holding on so tight 

As we take to the bluest of skies

Such a beautiful sight

As we get up so high


Such an awesome view

From my angels wings

Flying next to the birds

Who fly among us


Up in this heavenly blis

I feel so light

So free

Down on earth

I surely don't miss

It is definitely a gorgeous sight

I can not wait until that day

I have a pair of of my own wings

I can't wait until I'm on my way

Because up here 

Time for me stands still


I have no fear 

I have stress

With the pink blues and reds

This joy it fills my heart 

Up here my life is calm

Not a complete mess

Unlike down on earth

Where my mind is never at rest 

Always fighting the demons inside me 

Everyday God putting us through these tests


I want to stay up here with my angel

I want to remain free as I do 

I want to remain as I be

On my angels wing

Feeling happy and free

And listen to the melody she sings



Author's Notes/Comments: 

my daughter shaniya helped me type up this poem. she read it and i typed it. I love her so much

*Soar High and Free*

Trisha M.Barrrek Hopkins

Pretty as a robin
To soar high and free
Something so magical a sight no ones ever seen
Trying to imagine where they've been 
On a branch they take a rest
So gently they lean
To see them have babies is the best

A freedom no one can have no one can get
To soar high and free
From the robins' eyes a beautiful sight, I bet
It would be a gift from God to see what they see
To meet the people they met

The ones that come through this trail of living 
The music birds give to us
The memories they are giving 
Soon they move on it's a must

For the cold will be around
And the snow will fall 
A new life they have found
Up in a tree so strong and tall
For the magic they gave up in the tree
A beautiful melody a perfect sound
In our hearts It'll always be


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*Following The Birds*


Ballad from my dream
September.15.1995 / September-7-2013
*Updated 2.20.2014*
Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Im enjoying my walk along outside
Enjoying the warm morning sun
Small animals begin to scurry and hide
Finally my work is done
Here comes some beautiful birds
I see them out of the corner of my eye
I try my hardest to them
But they are too far up in the blue sky
I begin to follow
This is sure a glorious day
But all of a sudden i feel a hint of sorrow
Like they don't want me to go their way 

I so long for them not to leave
As I watch them fly away
Its like a dream thats surreal
Its so hard to believe
They begin to raise their wings
So wide in the air
But some force is pulling them to the forest
Like a lullaby an angel would sing
It seems to me they want to stay
They can't seem to resist
All i can do is just stare
As they carry on their journey
This is definitely no ordinary day


Out of the blue sky comes more birds 
So many questions in my mind
The birds are conjoining like a herd 
But I've never seen any of this kind
I chase them as fast as I can
As I do this I trip and scrap my knees 
I get up and yell "Answers i demand!"
I calm down and i call out to the beautiful birds
"Stay please"
I feel like they can hear 
But they just leave me to stand
They don't even bother to look back
Again i can feel their fear
Something is keeping them on track
But they just keep flying to where they came from
I say to them 
"Bring me your music you sing durning the day
Down my cheek i now feel a tear
Now as I'm running again
I look back and notice I dont see my house
I look up to see if the birds are still there
I come upon a house and a man is waving me down
But at this moment i really don't care


I am running faster then ever
To catch up to the beautiful birds
Wondering if we'll be together
I see one stray off to the right
And flew past me so close
In his eyes was such a look of fright
I come to a scary looking forest
As i get closer to the woods
The one the birds couldn't resist
I feel something go through me
A spirit and bird become one and go into the night 
I look back and see the man crying 
From the same place he stood
A sudden feeling of fright
I notice what has just happened
And i looked back to the forest
I'm beginning to feel weak and try to run
But all my body wants is to rest
I'm afraid and this is no longer fun
I've gotten myself in such a mess
What have i done


I see now the Keeper of all souls
A sudden struck of fear ripped through my heart
This has been his plan all along
To trick me into following the birds this was his goal
To take my body and souls apart
He is so very strong
His plan from the start
He's coming to get my soul because I let one of his free
I can feel him through my chest and my bones
Taring at them like a toy
Breaking like pieces of stone
Taking only what he wants
I can feel his disgusting joy
Through my soul his evil haunts
I've never felt so alone
All i can remember is the beautiful birds
Coming out of the blue sky
Floating above me
Beautiful as they fly
So peaceful and free


I snap out of it and realize
I try to move and run but it is no use
My body scams out my soul cries
Because he almost has my soul
I feel myself falling to the ground
As i hear him getting closer he says "I have won 
I've gotten my goal"
Another tear goes down my cheek 
Now I can barely hear a sound
I see the birds turn to thier ghostly soul
And they weep and realize
Part of my soul to the devil is bound
I feel like I am not all there but i truly am
I notice someone is picking me up
From where i have fallen
I cant see clearly but it looks like the man who was crying
I hear my name he is calling 
He then whispers to me "You may be into too deep
As he is running back to his house with me in his arms
i start to drift of to sleep
I faintly hear him tell the keeper of all souls
"You havent won and never will!"


We are getting closer to the house
He puts me on the bed
As i turn to the wall
The man whispers "Dont worry child you're not dead
I can finally hear
The anger is stirring up outside
I can hear all the cries
Through me is a stronger fear
The guy told me "The soul keeper is the meanest" 
All of a sudden a blast blew through the house
The soul keeper came ripping through and picked me up
Within that split second he hit the guy 
And on the floor he went 
I was getting further away from the blue sky 
Preyers to me the guy sent
I begin yelling,kicking,and swinging my arms and legs
But what ever i try to do
It only hurt me and not him
The guy on the floor can only beg
For what was to come he only already knew
What would happen to me
Saving my soul now was too late
I would never be set free
From the guy i can feel the hate
Because he always knew like before
This is how it will always be
To the soul keeper he will have to lose more


As I get higher into the air
All I could do is let the soul keeper bring me 
To the darkness that was near
He then put this thing over my face
Ive never experienced so much fear
I tried to take it off but could not
I could hear my heart begin to race
To his place we finally got
Finally the thing over my face he took it off
There was only white lights and *The Souls*
I was covered in black and red lace
What did it all mean?
Why am I here?
I would soon find out 
That I could never leave
If I should he would kill me
This has to be a really bad dream
All this fear inside of me I can't breathe
No one can hear my screams
I begged for God to help me
But the the soul keeper had it all
I will never be set free
Even my soul wouldn't be able to roam
What could I ever do?
I will never be the same
I was dead wear I laid
I would never be able to drift away
To the moonlit sky
The loss of my soul is what i paid
On that day when i chased the birds
To my family i didn't even get to say good-bye
If i only had listened if i only knew
All i feel now is shame
Laughing the soul keeper tells me
"This my dear is all on you!"
"But this was always my game"…..
No one understood
On that day when I chased the birds
If I only had listened 
If I only Knew



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*To Look Through A Birds Eyes*

Trisha M Barrek  Hopkins

To look through a birds eye 
A glorious sight it has to be 
All the people it sees as it flies by
I'' always wonder what they see

I try to be in a birds webbed feet 
To meet the people and animals they met
I think it would be awesome and neat
It's like they already have their life planned...all set

They get to travel all over the world 
Without paying a fee
Meet new faces
Sometimes when I see them up there I wish it were me 
To see a great places


To look through a birds eyes
The freedom they have I can never get 
I just want to learn how to fly
It would be wonderful I bet
To look through a birds eyes
Would be a blessing in disguise


To look through a birds eyes
Would be definitely a blessing come true 
I want to experience the feeling....just one try
I want to be surrounded by the skies crystal blue



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*Hawk Mountain*


Trisha M. Barrek  Hopkins

Flying way high above the mountain 
With his wings spread out so wide 
The hawk spots his pray by the spring fountain 
The pray spots the shadow and scurries to hide 

So free so peaceful in the sky 
To fly as they please 
I wish i could feel as free 
A freedom of its own in the clouds so high 
i wish through his eyes i could see 
A gorgeous sight he could of shown 
It must seem cool to live where he may be 

Hawk Mountain there is almost no worry 
For they are so far up so close to heaven 
If people don't stop hunting they will be gone in a hurry 
And their beauty will be stored only in a book 
Because people are too selfish 
The elegance The peacefulness the hunters stole they took 
Hunters do not care they just want to rich 


Banish the hatred Banish the greedy 
Lock them up and throw the key away 
Let the hawks soar free 
And not have to worry for another day 



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If I Am to Lose These Eyes

If  I am to lose these eyes

Strip me then now of these lies


Take me to this darkness wonder

In harmony of the black of slumber

Forever to stay shut, anchored in a sea under

and yet though, I do not believe in such thunder


You can take me away from one thing

But I will find a way to still chirp and sing

You can take my legs and swallow love's promised ring

But I'll still find a way to flap a broken wing


And if I am to die..?

I can walk away, with open eyes.