*Soar High and Free*

Trisha M.Barrrek Hopkins

Pretty as a robin
To soar high and free
Something so magical a sight no ones ever seen
Trying to imagine where they've been 
On a branch they take a rest
So gently they lean
To see them have babies is the best

A freedom no one can have no one can get
To soar high and free
From the robins' eyes a beautiful sight, I bet
It would be a gift from God to see what they see
To meet the people they met

The ones that come through this trail of living 
The music birds give to us
The memories they are giving 
Soon they move on it's a must

For the cold will be around
And the snow will fall 
A new life they have found
Up in a tree so strong and tall
For the magic they gave up in the tree
A beautiful melody a perfect sound
In our hearts It'll always be


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