Decisions... Life is completely cursed with crimson colored deeds and decisions determined by pretentious parents and peers who deem it necessary to nag at anything that's non-negotiable in the eyes of those narcissistic people that think thoughtful thoughts of themselves, all alone... Do our decisions really matter? Do they orchestrate the path of our life? Is it all one journey? do we really get a say in what goes on, and if we don't... Then what the hell's the point of being here. Of even going along with this so-called "ride that is life"? Is that why no matter how hard I try, I fail, no matter how quiet I try to make myself, I fail, no matter how much I try to get out of the way... I fail... Why? Why, why, why... That's the question isn't it? Even if I got an answer, I'll still act like a terrible two's toddler that drives their parents mad, I'll still get in the way and abuse the help that I cry for and whine for knowing that the only reason that they return, is because they pity on me. Why don't they just drop me, let me go and be free of the bondage that is the grief, anxiety, and mucilaginous traits that make me so unbearable? Just leave me alone, I want to be alone, don't they get that, don't you get that? But the thing is... I want to be alone with someone. I don't know why, but it's warm by the fire, and I guess I'm just too afraid to jump in, that it'll just burn me, but is that really a bad thing... But then, I think, if I jump all the way in, will I burn, or would I drown? Because who knows, I decided to do this to myself, and my decisions decided to do this to me, and I don't even know how it makes me feel... Maybe I like the way it feels, you know, the burn, the adrenaline rush that you get when you gasp for air when you rush towards the surface, wondering if you're going to make it or not... And I wonder if I ever will? And I wonder if it will be my decision? And I wonder why these damned decisions seem so important to me? Please... Help me understand, that's all that I ask, and it's all up to you. It's your decision, so hurry up and decide, time's almost up, quick, decide, the longer you take, the longer it hurts, so hurry up, and make up your mind, because I can't do it for you, what's taking you so long? Say something, please... Whelp, it's too late, it looks like no one cares to speak up, like I'm surprised by that, and while you took all of that time to think about how others will think of you, while you took all of that time to worry about your own profile and how you would look speaking out, I did it, I ended my problems... I ended my life, so if you had something to say, anything at all, it's too late, I already did it, the deed is indeed done, dead, I'm

sleeping alone in a bed of dirt, because you were afraid of opening your mouth while I was closing my book... You're a monster, and I love you, because that's what I'm supposed to do, love unconditionally, with my still, non-beating heart.

Thank you, and God bless

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Lengthy, older

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If i had one wish

   if i had one wish         2015


if i had one wish i'd want to talk to you once more
to see you smile at me i'd know what life was for
and hear you whisper softly i'll know its not a game
i'll know what i'd wanna to hear and that would be my name
if i had one wish i would wanna hear about gods heaven
and have you tell me about all these streets of gold there paven
then i would tell you things i've never told a living soul
so when im feeling blue i will think of you and know
if i had one wish it would be an easy choice to make
i'd wish to hold you once again your death i then could take
all the pain from losing you would then just slip away
it will be a joyous reunion just to talk to you all day
you would say those four little words that i do so miss
for when i hear i love you dear ill know i had my wish




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem cuz i was missing my parents hope you like it!!

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not a jot or iota less or more.

It is what it is.

A stroke of a pen,

pixels of light,

A heart scrawl,

Screaming emotion

Or pleasant thought,

Wether it pops out

Or is coaxed,

from the ether of consciousness 

a soul's awaking yawn 

It is what is

and lives as it is born

Tinkered and toyed with

all manner of distortions borne

It sits in its reality

 a nieche of existence

A poem waiting to be heard and judged worthy

because it speaks to a another soul.

It is what is

not a jot or itoa more




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Speak the Word

Speak the Word

Hope is a power,

An evil Devour.

Love is a song,

Steady and long.

Peace is a bird,

A flock above the herd.

Yet these Words will diminish,

Unless we do not Cower,

Unless we sound the Gong,

Unless we Speak the Word.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sorry it was short. I made that one awhile ago and it really touched my heart.

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small, medium or large?





 it isn't that 


anyone's mind 


is being read


that  just isn't possible


same as blue 


isn't red




but it's because


when you're close


to the universe's needs


what you ask will 


be answered


wrapped up gently


in love's seeds






patience must be learned


the guidance can be thin


you can't rush it you have to wait


for it to surface from within






9:46 AM 7/6/2013










Author's Notes/Comments: 

what some mediums say

Don't Speak

And when his eyes took gaze upon me,
And his mouth opened to speak,
With baited breath,
My fingers softned to his lips
Whilst drawing near to whisper close,
That he might hear
My beating heart against his chest,
"Don't speak, my love, lest it be in jest,
But breathe the veil from my soul,
And in that, let love be professed."



Author's Notes/Comments: 

It has been said that verbalization is the longest and biggest lie that has ever been told. Sometimes, methinks it could be true

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Dancing in another space, unwilling to turn around,
Playing games, taunting this place,
Knowing your life is no longer a race to the finish,
All debts and debtors relinquished,
Laughing for a short moment while the time is ripe,
Watching your body lie still on the bed
While you can't help but feel compassion
For those left behind,
If they only knew your mind,
The beauty you now know is beyond the flesh,
You try repeatedly to tell them it's ok,
And that they aren't losing their minds
If they hear you, but only one or two take heed.
You wait for months, every nervous twitch seen
Seems to make them think you are coming back,
But I hear you...that it is way too nice where you are going,
And there is no turning back,
Some of us sense your desire to tell them,
And wish I could tell them for you,
We can only be here,
We cannot speak for you,
You must find a way to make them understand,
Or just make an exit and bid farewell to this land.



3:00 AM 4/20/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

People go into comas and last for years while their body is preserved by science. The spirit...waits.

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How Things Should be

In times in the past
i saw it as we both were lost
on a road in a reltionship were things weren't there
and it cause us to fight cause we didnt see each other
for who we were and who we are

And it ended and i felt hollow inside
like a piece of glass that you saw through
I told you it wasn't you
It was the road we were walking that tore us in two

I saw you cry and my walls fell down
and you felt the tears on your side
For every tear that fell was
a memory of you

Im sorry for what ive done to you
and its this that helps us now
cause now we know what to do
and that is to communicate our feelings through

You really are amazing and special
this i know
and its this felling inside me that grows
that maybe starting again form the start
is whats best
cause we will know each other the best

Its this feeling inside that i can't explain
that makes me wanna make you smile each day
I know you are strong and you've been through alot
but i wanna know you for you

and i hope this time i get to meet you:)
A poem about how i think things are gonna be special
this time cause we learning about each other each day

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