Sad Poem

Evergreen in Her Purse



She had pine

needles in her purse to take the edge off

Christmas. She held them for the memories

she didn’t own, but could pluck out of movies

like pine cones out of the snow to make ornaments —

decorated with bits of glitter, a bow

to represent a touch of hope. I would pull her close

and tell her she didn’t need the needles to feel something

as tangible as the snow on the ground. Fleeting

cold was meant to leave us

for the warmth of memories we could make on our own.

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Perhaps it’s because I miss you, the real you

or the thought of you.

It’s not like I know the difference.




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If You Knew


Time flies very fast

Something we can't grasp

We don't know what it brings

If or not we will sink


I am reaching my peak

You are with me all this time

Whether strong or weak

You stand by me every time


But now I am doubting

If ever you knew my darkest secret

The thing I've been hiding

Something about me I wish to forget


You got me thinking

If you ever uncovered this unspoken truth

If you ever noticed this thing I hid from you

Would you be doubting?


Would you still love me like you do?

Would you think I am condemned too?

Would you be mad at me for not telling the truth?

Would you be sad for me 'cause I hid it from you?


Believe me, I tried telling you

Trust me, it's been hard for me too

I beg you, please try to hear me

Save me, from this lie I live in


I tried a million times

To chain my heart and mind

Cried in those troubled nights

God's words don't seem to rhyme

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If It Was Me


Saw you from afar

Knew you're about to cry

You're all I desire

You got me asking why


Why am I not the reason for your tears?

What should I do to make you see?

Am I not the one who can make you cheer?

How can I make you see these things?


Here you are again 

In the middle of the night

Here I am again 

Giving you a shed of light


Why are you very blind?

Can't you read between the lines?

Why don't you look and find?

Can't you see my heart's desire?


If it was me you're with,

You will not be crying

It will not be tragic

We will end up smiling


I know your favorite song

It has been you all along

Wake up and look inside my soul

See through my heart and you will know

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He met her in a lonely town

Sparks flew that point of time

Bouncing back and forth to the ground

He told himself, "She's mine"


He could make people fall in love with his words

He could make people cry with his lines

He could make people see the truth though it hurts

He could make people mad side by side


He thought he could make Juliet

Fall in love with him

But the princess' mind was set

Her heart's not for him


She left him in the  dark

With a strong, burning scar

He thought he could stop his heart

He should've been warned it's hard


He doesn't know what to do

He feels what he's got is useless

He can't use it for the princess

He prays she will want him too


Years had passed him by too swiftly,

He helped thousands to fall in love

But he can't make the girl he loves,

This is the cost of being him


All the why's in the world haunt him

He's jealous of the passers-by full of happiness

He gave it to them but he can't have his happiness

Memories of him with her kills

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Worst Fault


You came by in a Sunday night

Armed with a violet skin

You ran to me and I asked why

Took you in my bed to sit


I knew the reason why

But I had to ask why

You were so lonesome to die

And yet so eager to lie


I knew this day would come

But I was still undone

Everything was planned

But no, it was hard


Told myself what to do

I must abandon you

Leave you there in the cold

Set myself free and go


I couldn't help it, there was this feeling

I couldn't stop it, I kept on sinning

This act was a fault all along

I would hate it like the worst song


You brought it to yourself

Yet I cleaned up your mess

I cursed the night I held you

You ended up to be cruel

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Just Want To Hear Your Voice


Are you busy at this moment?

Did you read the messsage I sent?

Can I call you this time?

Can you lend me your time?


Just want to hear your voice

Just want to be rejoiced

To fill these empty words

To shield me from these swords


Time passed by, I had to wait

Hours passed by, I couldn't wait

I had to call you

I had to hear you


Your number is on the screen

Twenty minutes of staring

And something's pulling my hand back

Away from pushing the keypad


But what do I have to lose?

I've got to try

Just this one time

'Cause I've got nothing  to lose


So, I'll call you this time

Go and pick up the line

I want to hear it from you

I want to listen to you


Just one 'hi' would be okay

Or anything you could say

I promise I won't judge it

I pray that you would grant it

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Where are you, God?

I wish this could be reversed
How could you
Allow this suffering?

Why should we listen to you and your teachings
When you disappear
Like you’re not even there?

Are you blind?
Are you deaf?
Do you know what is going on?

Too frustrating for words
Trying to find you
Is it possible?
Can you ever hear our cries, pleas for help?

Why does it seem like
You have disappeared?
Should we even believe in you?
Why should we?

Do you hear me?
Do you hear me?

Where are you?
Tell me
Where are you, God
In this time of despair?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yay~ my first poem posted, created when I was listening to some really depressing Kpop songs. xD
The "Do you hear me?" part was inspired by INFINITE's song Be Mine.