Just Want To Hear Your Voice


Are you busy at this moment?

Did you read the messsage I sent?

Can I call you this time?

Can you lend me your time?


Just want to hear your voice

Just want to be rejoiced

To fill these empty words

To shield me from these swords


Time passed by, I had to wait

Hours passed by, I couldn't wait

I had to call you

I had to hear you


Your number is on the screen

Twenty minutes of staring

And something's pulling my hand back

Away from pushing the keypad


But what do I have to lose?

I've got to try

Just this one time

'Cause I've got nothing  to lose


So, I'll call you this time

Go and pick up the line

I want to hear it from you

I want to listen to you


Just one 'hi' would be okay

Or anything you could say

I promise I won't judge it

I pray that you would grant it

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Lover's Plea


Pretty universal, it happens to us all, the doubt, the wondering, the hesitation. Enjoyed pulling the hands from the keypad...the image captured the entire poem excellently well. Your reader numbers are soaring for good cause. Your comments on the work of other poets would be enlightening. You rock! - Lady A