"Valiant Time"

by Jeph Johnson

The barbs only hurt

When I pry them from my heart
Or when Cupid's aim missfires
On my lover with his dart
Mid-February shivers
To find my Valentine
It has the arsenal of arrows
In his quiver in a bind
They're flung with frantic fury
Nearly everywhere I go
Yet few fulfill their duty
When he sports a crooked bow
One finally hits the center
Of the bullseye in my brain
I saunter over hoping
To her heart he's done the same
Then find out way too quickly
Yet still not soon enough
How smooth and softened skin
Resists his arrows like it's tough
The darts are nearly painless
And kept in sharps containers
While the caustic arrow's anecdote
Is bottled up for later
When the parade of lovely ladies
Will come marching through my life
Girlfriends, partners, lovers,
One night stands and even wives
Ya see Cupid's bow is careless,
It won't do what it should
Tries to make me Casanova,
But I feel like Robin Hood
So I draw that bow myself
Take aim at my own bliss
It always hits the target
For in my mind I never miss

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Cupid is Stupid

Cupid is stupid,

He holds the arrow in his hand ever,

He never uses it,



They say that if one falls in love,

That certainly means Cupid’s arrow is at work,

Is it really so?

Well, I don’t see the mark!

Cupid is rather cute though,


With his arrow in hand, looks dashing so.

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Cupid In Love

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just stop for a moment

just stop for a moment

and picture a place and time

way, way back there in the past

when greek and roman mythology

both reigned supreme

back when the world was still quite young

with lots of forests and woodlands

and covered over with pretty shades of green


then one special day

god reached down to earth

and came upon a young boy

who was really just half grown

happily swimming in the ocean

with a dolphin

long before the fear of humans

had ever been sown


anyways he was out there at sea

although he was all by himself

he was protected and safe

there with the dolphins

and somehow still very close to home


long before anyone had ever thought

to even giving him a name

or carve his statute in stone

for right now at least ---

he was still a young boy

happily swimming in the ocean

but really all alone


now think back to a time

long before people hungered

for the emptiness of fortune and fame

long before anyone had ever thought

to give the boy a name


but on that special day

god spoke and said

look ---

I know you’re just a young boy

swimming out here in the ocean

and having lots of fun

way out here at the sea

under a bright and warm summer sun


but if you didn’t act so dumb

and sometimes kind of stupid

you could almost be another angel

or even another cupid


because cupid would fly around

just all over the place

and touch each person’s heart

among every creed and race


the boy listened – but couldn’t speak

was this really god ?

and was he really this near ?

and was he really this close ?

the boy was totally stunned now

and overcome with anguish and fear


then god was gone

and the boy was alone again

with just his troubled thoughts

and mixed up hopes and dreams

and maybe even some silent

confused and muddled screams


but he thought to himself

over and over again in his mind

for at least a thousand times


( and you might as well know it right now !!! )


he was still looking for more proof

or at least a few more signs


anyways he thought to himself

those things that cupid spoke of

whether they’re real or not

or whether they came down from heaven

or from some distant galaxy

way way out there in outer-space


or were they just from

some crazy person’s wild imagination

whatever creed – whatever race


because --- if they really do make people happy

really, really happy

( for he too was kind of like cupid )

( sometimes kind of – sort of a little stupid )


for he simply couldn’t figure out

or understand why

if those things that cupid spoke of

if they make people – really, really happy





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You tell me...

Are you a sportsman, oh, Minotaur?

Would you like me to run, or stand in place?

This heart is yours if you hit it right.

So, draw your bow and arrow tight.

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He met her in a lonely town

Sparks flew that point of time

Bouncing back and forth to the ground

He told himself, "She's mine"


He could make people fall in love with his words

He could make people cry with his lines

He could make people see the truth though it hurts

He could make people mad side by side


He thought he could make Juliet

Fall in love with him

But the princess' mind was set

Her heart's not for him


She left him in the  dark

With a strong, burning scar

He thought he could stop his heart

He should've been warned it's hard


He doesn't know what to do

He feels what he's got is useless

He can't use it for the princess

He prays she will want him too


Years had passed him by too swiftly,

He helped thousands to fall in love

But he can't make the girl he loves,

This is the cost of being him


All the why's in the world haunt him

He's jealous of the passers-by full of happiness

He gave it to them but he can't have his happiness

Memories of him with her kills

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Cupid Had Mercy on Me

1st poems

I’d like to give away your smile to the moon
So every night I watch it I can think of you.

I want you to understand
That your love matters to me
That by your side
I enjoy the warmth of your embrace
The nectar of your sweet kisses.

You’re the reason I breathe every second
I wish I could know what you are thinking
I desire to be on your chest
Until the sun rises
And we have the lust to become a single person once again.
That’s when I realized that I love you a little more each day.

You strike me with your presence alone
I can’t help but to notice you when you enter the room
I can’t fight my body’s desire to run towards you
I’m weak
I’m only human
On your eyes I lock my gaze
With my lips I write this poem on yours

And here I wonder what else we could be missing,
In this golden twilight,
In our lives that have lived through so much
That have dreamt of the impossible
And seen a million colors.
And just as I hold you in my arms the truth sinks in,
Cupid had mercy on me.

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