New year

poems 1

It is almost the new year 

I look up at the sky and

wish you still here but

you are spending the 

New year

New year

in heaven and watching

the ball drop in New York 

from above you will be 

ringing the new year in heaven

New year 

I know you are still here

with me in spirit I feel

you walk by side me and

I know you can see me and 

Is proud of the person I be come

I know you see how I decorate

my front room and bedroom and if 

you was here I know you

will say I love how 

you decorate you

bedroom and front room 

you also know I am

moving to a new house

next year so happy 

New year 

2017 in the new year

in heaven my love

© Amanda Kay Hill



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extremely beautiful poem sweetie 

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thank you

thank you