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Day by Day

Verse 1:
Day by day, I think of you:
What could have been

But never was.

Now, I can see that

We weren't meant to be.


Day by day, the waiting is endless.

Inside of me, is the love

That I never gave to you.

Day by day, my search is over.


Verse 2:
Since I've found you,

I won't look back.

And since you've found me,

I'll be your's to keep.


Without a doubt,

I know that

"You're the one.:
I won't let you go so easily.


Tell me, do you feel the same?

There's something about

This complicated feeling

That I cannot express in words.

No matter what,

I'll love you. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another "love song" that references my other songs: "Your's to Keep (part 1/part 2)," and "No Matter (part 1/part 2/part 3?)....It's based off the Korean pop song: "Kontrol" by Kim Sung Kyu. English subtitles up on youtube.

Breathless Lungs

I felt the warmth penetrate my cheek, 

By the sun,

I eventually came to,

Seemed as though the sun was always awaiting my arrival,

Not sure what makes me different or if I imagine that I am....


Face gazed toward the sun,

My eyes slowly opened, 

there stood a blinding light,

My angel was making her appearance,

With a fist full of small, fragile fingers,

I rubbed my pale blue eyes,

Closer to me she came,


She whispered, 

I listened,

"to thee I give the gift of feeling what most human souls cannot."

"In this life there will be mourning, in this life the ashes shall blanket the ground beneath your feet."

"Sweet child, you must always remember to crawl beneath the clouds of smoke and find what gives you air, and with this air you must stay as this shall carry you through."

Her words were injected into my veins, 

I was alive and I was awake,

My sight became clear,

Sadly enough I saw the world for what it was, 

Indeed, it was as she said,

So with courage built, I took one last, deep breath and fought past the ash and zombies,

Bursting through glass walls,

Walls that kept me quarantined with the robotic dead,

I ran fast as I could stumbling from one slate stone to the next,

Thick, overgrown vines made it hard to see,

Losing hope, I begin to sing my angel's song to the very depths of my collapsing lungs,

"I will replace beauty for ashes and the oil of joy for mourning"

My body, my mind was mangled, 

but this soul is pure and this soul is blessed so I continued to sing,

Treading through quicksand, 

my footprints continuously sank into the earth below, 

The land long forgotten by it's inhabitants...

I was running out of air....

On my dark, torn path, 

God placed a light,

I saw your face through the brush,

My body and soul ran to you fragile and weak, as if you were but a mere mirage,

And then I looked into your eyes... ha, oh those eyes...


Despite my compressed timing

I swam past great depths looking into your eyes,

As if I pressed a fastfoward button in hopes of getting to my happy ending,

My deprived, shrinking lungs met the expansion in your eyes,

I was my own element of life but you... you were my air... my reginerating oxygen,

Every breath taken was created from memories of those laboring hallways and glances stolen,

Yes, cutpurse theif I became,

In your eyes I stored many stolen treasures to which were not my own, 

After all, you were just a mirage and

Your yearned beauty replaced my smoldering ashes,

thick from years of constant firefight,

In those ashes I would become another zombie, just like the rest,

Souls lost to robotic governed tactics... zombies.

In your presence, I found new strength,

Thinking I could survive I continued onward seeking my own victory,

My light at the end of the tunnel,

as if I could convince myself you weren't real, that I had imagined you.

Well, turns out, I reached the tunnel and I also found the end, it was a long journey and it feels great to be there, but what I've realized was you were the light, you were supposed to be here at the end, you were my air and with you is where I belong, not because I need you to complete me but because you are the matching elements. My fire for light and my air to fill my lungs.

Silly me,

I've been dying little by little everyday, 

When I think I'm almost gone, 

There you come, 

flying overhead,

Like an angel delivering a shock to my heart and every time my lungs fill like balloons, and every time, i'm alive again.

After all this time

Was it meant to end like this?

Perhaps I was wrong in letting myself loose.

Perhaps it was not meant to happen.

or perhaps it was the right person and the wrong time.


Was I suppose to leave your side when no one was there?

Perhaps that would have saved this agony.

Perhaps it would have saved both you and me.

or perhaps I Was destined to stand by you.


Was I suppose to spend so much time with you?

I never knew that I'll get addicted. 

I never knew that you'll take me high and drop me down.

I never knew that you'll mean nothing yet everything to me.


Am I suppose to still love you?

Even though I know you can't be mine,

and will fall apart after some time.

Yet these words shall remain unspoken,

and will remain in my heart as a token.


For all the questions above the answer is yes!

Because I chose to love you,not any less.

My intentions were always clean,

So from now let you be the moon and I shall be the Wolverine.



Before we met, I had only ever dreamed of,
A man that cultured, refined, tentative,
Brainy, shy and pensive,
I was naïve, I didn’t think I could be owned in one look,
I was wrong, one look is all it took,
One word, as I heard.


I was tempted, but I was hurt,
Intrigued yet embittered,
Fascinated but tormented


It’s true that I was younger,
I knew that you were older, I was bold
I’ll never get you, so I’m told.
And yet my love endures, it never grows old…
I was guileless, I ascertained, by means only known to me,
That someday, we could ever be,


You were cynical, yet gentle,

Flawless, yet clueless,

You didn’t see that I was loveless,
You were happy to wish me the best,
I was distressed, senseless, reckless,
Powerless to stop the infatuation,
Disinclined to try..


Blown away by that rush,
Undisciplined, addicted to your touch,


Your smile, your eyes, your tall lanky frame,
Is it true that we all suffer the same?


Everytime I see you, you’re all business,
Polite, polished, indifferent,
Sometimes, even complacent,

So why do I catch that smolder in your eye?
You couldn’t hide it if you tried,
So why do you try so hard,
And never let down your guard?


Futile, fragile, ephemeral?
My words will never reach you,
I wish they could enfold you,
So you could feel the love,


Hush now, it’s only the two of us,
The light that shines in your hair is golden dust,
This odyssey of you and me
It’s nothing but a sweet dream,


Under a coruscant sky,
Our souls will shine,
So slide your hand in mine,
It’s time.


perhaps even the stars dance

perhaps even the stars dance

when i let your light shines

and you smiled back

and you shared your music, your stories, your life


it feels so good

to capture our cup of tea

to show you pieces of me

to have a peek of your road trip

and listen to you as you speak


oh it was a pure bliss

to be a part of your distance

to put into words this unspoken lines

and agreed with a sigh that our choices were right


it is so funny and weird

to see you dancing from afar

like i was there but i was not

like you were here but cannot

to ask a question and avoid the answer

because we both knew what we cannot have


so perhaps the stars dance

that again our space collides

and it still feels awesome

until time revolted

and put it back to what we had...



Author's Notes/Comments: 

you had this nostalgic feeling?

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Everything For You

Everything For You


I’d give up my life,

To make you happy.

Id slit my wrists,

Just to paint your roses red.

I’ll never leave,

And I’ll be what you need.

Ill exist for you and only you.

Your body is a temple,

That I will worship.

Just give me a chance,

I’ll make it worth it.

The distance doesn’t bother me.

Because I’ll spend every last penny,

To see your beautiful face.

I’d give up faith,

Just to love you.

I’d be your wings,

Because you’re my angel.

I’ll be your breath,

If you’ll be mine.

For you,

I’d do anything,

And everything.

Just say,


That you love me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about someone i met... they stopped talking to me. but i love them, and id do anything for them.

The last thing I'll do

Roses are red and violets are blue, you hurt me and I hurt you

We argued and squabbled and now that we're through saying I miss you is the last thing I'll do

I'll keep up the guise until I am dead so that you never know that you're still in my head

A love turned to hate, a friend turned to foe, there is pain in my heart that you'll never know

It's too late to try now, it's too dark to see, your the only one in the world who ever really knew me

But I'm glad that your gone no more walks in the park, no more joy in my life, no more love in my heart

No more being a shoulder when I needed to cry, no more giving me hope when I wanted to die

No more joking and laughter and now that we're through saying I miss you is the last thing I'll do


Number of Lines: 39

You are not a poet

because I have been writing poetry 

way longer that you have.

So that would make my poetry better.

Your 39 line long randomness

could never compete with my 40 line beast.

My words are bigger,

more symbolic,

like an elephant on a mountain

while your words

are fleas on a crumb.

Pathetic and no one wants you around.

Speaking of you

there is no way your 5'1 looking baby face

could match my 5'2 looking adult.

Did you even try to wing your eyeliner?

Was it drawn with a spoon?

No worries! I drew mine with a sword.

The same one I used to cut you apart.

Your circle identity now a square

just like mine...

and the rest of societies.

Dare to be different?

I double dog dare you to be the same.

You aren't yet good enough to be different.

You don't deserve to live in the clouds.

Bring your head back down here,

I have more words to say.

Sew your lips shut

with the same red lipstick I am using.

Don't speak up;

bury your words.

You missed your chance.

They won't believe you know!

You are not you now!

Try to write a poem;

try to speak out.

But, it has to be 40 lines,

not 39.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A lot going on in this one. Spoken as someone who has contantly said terrible tings to me to bring me down to their level and act just as them. Thank you poetry for allowing me to be me and speak in my own voice. And yes, one day she did tell me I was not a poet because she was writing poetry before I was. Oh the things people must say to feel better about themselves nowadays. Keep your head up and stay strong my loves.

Narrow Road

Narrow Road

The Lord has laid down a straight and narrow road for his sheep to follow
Satan's flying demon's has thrown hot rocks in its path; it’s his wrath they do swallow
To either side can be found greener roads leading to and fro
Some are smooth as silk and easier to tread, but I dare not where they go

It’s safe to assume that they lead not to Emmanuel’s pasture straight ahead
For the bible warns of these winding roads that lead to despair and dread
Those silky green paths, some of which curve in and out wayward out of sight
Lead to an inevitable pit stop, its host the prince of night

Right beside the Lord's narrow road is another that seems just as straight
It is greener so it seems and its climb that of a lesser grade
It also has fewer rocks tossed by Satan's winged demons from hell
As to allude the weak in its devious deception making them think that all is well

So many people follow that road beside that appears to be straight
But in the end they shall find that it drops off before heaven's gate
Though they took the simpler path that seemed straight at first
It dropped them off at hells gate and left their souls accursed

By: Wayne Hoss