The Choice


are we ushering

the soul to heaven

or hell?

as we carry the body

to it's not final resting place


Nobody knows but god


Death or



What is the chosen path?



or damnation?


Nobody knows but god


Will it rain

or will the sun shine?


Day or



Nobody knows but god


Its a long way down 

and a long way up 


Everyone has to choose 

their destiny at some point


Until it's too late

then it's chosen for you 


He who believes will live

he who believes not will die


Into the grave

or into the sky


God has given you the choice

to live or too die

Choose now or tomorrow it might

be to late  

Don't fall but







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Choose Jesus not death. You don't know the day or hour.

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the individual knows more

the individual knows more than they think they do. free will leads to freedom to fuck up and freedom to own it. freedom to fix it. freedom to avoid chaos

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The choice is yours to be

The choice is yours to be hero Or a villain. God created us with free will.