I Wish (My Phoenix)

Leave, get away.

Though our problems will follow us no matter how far we go. Just leave.


I wish that I was strong, strong enough to go.

Weak enough to avoid my problems but not enough to have them leave me alone.


Even though I’m trembling at these keys, fear and anxiety are strong.

Bound by my wrists and bound by my heart, fate had a funny way of tearing us apart.


If only it could take it all away, the happy memories and the pain.

If only it could extinguish the flame.


Like gasoline on a fire it roars, ripping me red with remorse.

I wish it would suffocate, like a noose around my throat.


You are the flame, my son. My fire that burns. My will to go on.

I am your oxygen, breathing life to you through the smoke.


But your flames hurt, and you’re sick of the bland feel of my love in your life.

So now you will rise as a phoenix, from the ashes of my failure.


Do not regret choosing life as I have.

Burn bright as a light in the night as I’ve taught you.


Do not give up, like I have acting as surrogate father.

I am proud of you and who you’ve become, my Phoenix.



I love you, more than I will ever love myself.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I may not be your dad, but I will love you as my son.

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Profound emotion in this

Profound emotion in this poem!  And intensely described.


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