Fearful Indulgence

Is it better on fearful feet

To run from my ghastly ghouls

Who maliciously haunt my innocuous mind?

Or to turn and try a fight

In which I will most certainly succumb

To my ever living enemies?


Enemies of the mind,

Their variety endless,

Just as their abilities

To shatter and destroy,

Fragile and unlike alike,

To fragments of former reality.


Is it so noble

To fight demons undefeatable

Rather than choose a simple flight

Away from tormentous anxieties?

A decision quickly made by a courageous and fearful few,

And pondered upon for lifetimes by others,

Will haunt me alike to the fears

Who proposed the question initially.

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*Live Your Life The Way You Want*


  Trisha Barrek Hopkins


When you awaken

After the sign has risen

The time you have for today don't mistaken

The life you are having may not be the one 

You really live in


It may be a picture from the past

Or a memory you believe in

But dont blink because that image could disappear

Real fast

Because what seems real

It forever won't last 


Be careful on what you dream

Because you'll get caught in the dreamers net

You'll be stuck in there

So do the things your heart is driven to do 


Live your life the way you want 

Trust your feelings from your heart

And do the things you do best

Because if you don't the "what if" will haunt

And all depression will follow the rest

Everything you havewill part


From this fall you won't beable to start

Put your mind,body,and soul to the test

And don't satisfy for anything less

Ignore that bratty pest

Let God bring you to a higher place

Keep your head above the rest

Put your heart in it and anything you can face


Mainly when you're at your deepest mess 

With God he can help you with your fear

To him you can always confess

He can help you with grace

Live don't try to beat lifes' race

God...He can protect what's most dear

Your life

So pray to him or a loved one

Because you they truely can hear


Live your life the way you want always

Reach to the stars

Experience each new day

Let your memories haunt

Because you never know how far

God will let you live the life you want