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I am quite different on the inside than the out. I feel things very deeply and often am troubled by this. I just recently began to attempt to write, I suppose you would say well. We all write. Everyone has written something poetic or romantic in thier life. But at this point I find myself intetested in painting a picture in the readers heart and mind, moving him or her. Maybe moving someone to action from a static state on something or someone in thier life. Or just moving thier emotions or thoughts a little. I wish to write in a way that gives something to the reader, shares my perspective and depth on the subject matter. Or inspires them to take away something, anything, valuable to them from it.

About My Navel

It's just a navel. It's an innie. Hairless, I despise hair except on the head and occasionally the face. You know, a beard on a man, or that little almost translucent, not quite fuzz, on a girls face can be cute sometimes.

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Wow, favorite stuff, here's where you'll probably go "WHAT!!".

My muse, of course, above all. Above any material thing. Above any art or song I could ever enjoy. Above any great food or drink...... Above air. (no big surprise there I guess)

Cars, most anything not American made is interesting. I'm partial to the LEXUS ISxxx series. And land rovers, the discovery and defender 90 are my favorites.

Guns, I don't hunt, I have nothing against it at all. It just doesn't interest me. I just shoot paper, cans, bottles, fruit,,, and blow stuff up.

Climbing /Rappelling

Nature, I love to be outdoors, away from all the noise and people, and confusion.

Shiba Inus, Japanese breed of dog. I have 2 and want another.

Computers and electronic gizmos in general.

Love the Twilight series of books and movies. Anything by R. A Salvatore. Anything about a time with no modern conveniences or dragons. Edgar Allen Poe. Anything set in a post apocalyptic world.

Survivalist activities.

Anything that produces adrenaline and or makes me feel alive !!!


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