Fearful Indulgence

Is it better on fearful feet

To run from my ghastly ghouls

Who maliciously haunt my innocuous mind?

Or to turn and try a fight

In which I will most certainly succumb

To my ever living enemies?


Enemies of the mind,

Their variety endless,

Just as their abilities

To shatter and destroy,

Fragile and unlike alike,

To fragments of former reality.


Is it so noble

To fight demons undefeatable

Rather than choose a simple flight

Away from tormentous anxieties?

A decision quickly made by a courageous and fearful few,

And pondered upon for lifetimes by others,

Will haunt me alike to the fears

Who proposed the question initially.

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Life Meal

Theme Based Poems

Yea they say life is like a dish that we all should enjoy ; others take there time while other take time to destroy ; making little of what they barely got & not savoring the joy ; but rather ; they spend da hours ina day wasting & throwin it away ; fast living the good moments & there mistakes on replay; like dam that's the type of shit that just gets me annoyed ; watching ppls play with there food like if its a god dam toy ; & dam mines is far from a happy meal but i let nothin go to waste ; thanking god for this blessed food as i say grace ; cuz I tasted defeat but i aint never ate it ; so I swallow the pride as i throw out the hatred ; cuz life is a dish best served hot so why belate it ; & when the the day comes when ur full of life ; don't forget to open ur mouth and spit .


Author's Notes/Comments: 

The theme is food ; comparing life as if it was food

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man made massacre

what did you think we were going to stay silent
fuck being peaceful it time to get violent
grab a hammer go into the streets
strip away the sidewalks and the concrete
leave nothing but the bare essentials
an industrial stripped world has so much potential
no more money struggle no more pollution
lets put an end to the technological revolution

revolution comes like a storm
putting things back the way they belong
the way we live is all so wrong
the way we live is all so fucking wrong ss

sleep...sleep... SLEEP! SLEEP!!!  

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