Serpents Venom

Snakes venom in

your heart 


Your words 

like weeds


Much comes from a mouth

full of deceit 


Lying through your teeth 

such is the way of a leech 


 From your belly

you birth yourself 


Producing your abominable

filth of an existence 


Poisoned in your 





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Scientific Observation


Plague victims, as they gave in to the infection were observed, and noted to have loss of coordination, confusion, decrease in some mental functions and increase in others while in the early stages, In the later stages, increased aggression was noted, along with an increase in strength, which seemed offset the lack of coordination. Once in the final stages, their violent nature would become too mu
ch for normal restraints, and they would often break free, and over power even four doctors or more, biting and clawing which can infect anyone who is attacked; they also have a tendency to spit and throw saliva, as their glands go into over drive producing a large amount fluid. This presented the biggest threat outside of just breathing the same air in close proximity.

Not this Beast

Unburried roots


I am not this beast 

as you'd referred to me

though he does 

live inside of me


in my gut

and he's been trying to escape

so he's been tearing me apart

from the inside


I feel his gnarly claws



ripping my guts out


but he's not yet free

and I'll not allow him to be

he showed his ugly face

it was such a disgrace


shapeshifter ...


made himself look 

like he was me

but I tell you

My face does not look like that


if only you'd looked closely

you'd have been able to see

I am not this vial being

My heart is open and free


always loving 

everything and everyone around me

no longer will I allow him

to live


this parasite

he will die tonight

and I will wake up

to my beautiful new life

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