Time Bomb

Why do I have to make people mad?
(Is it just, like, the way I am?)
Because whenever someone tells me something that is wrong
I explode just like a time bomb.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So now I have stuff to post, old stuff, and it may not be a lot but it seems like a lot to me.

Anyway this poem is about how I can't seem to simply be quiet when someone is saying something I disagree with.

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Outside Looking In

Little girl, sad and alone,
high up in the castle sky.

Do not fear, cry or fret,
for I am here and near.

I know you feel the world is
on your shoulders right now.

And think of yourself as unloved.
But that dark truth is only in the mind.

Sorry you have ever felt
you had to worry by yourself.

And that everyone abandoned you.
Love is here; it is just hiding.

No need to lock up the spirit.
Open up the heart and let it flow.

Dance, scream, yell out loud.
I am here and not undercover anymore.

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