"Before the Dark Times"

The ancient warriors of old

worshipping the old gods

before that plague had swept

over their land there was peace

and harmony with the plants

and animals, 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

When the ancient celts roamed through the woods, before the time of Roman and Christian enslavement.



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Warriors of the Goddess

Rise now all from the Lady's battlefield
For this war shall never yield
Axe to axe, sword to sword
No one dares to say a word
Blood and limbs fall to the ground
This is the gore all around
Screams echo throughout the plain
Sounds of triumph and of pain
The music of battle plays loud and true
Fight and die is all they must do
Warrior to champion in a day
Now his lifeless body eternally shall lay
Goddess and God watch from above
Gazing upon their followers full of love
Another body, down forever
Trampled upon, noticed none what so ever
The warriors have tears upon their faces
Agony and love that will show for ages
Rise again to fight once more
Wounds heal like a closing door
They pick up their weapons as they rise
And bring upon their enemies great demise
Eternally they shall battle for their Goddess
And through that love, to them she will eternally bless

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is written from the point of view of a Celtic Cleric

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Celtic Knots

Show me what you've woven
And show the children too
From ancient time
In weave design
Eight knots are born of you

The Book of Kells
And Lindisfame
In threads of time divine
Beginnings of
These words to you
That you might see them shine

But own you do
The deepest threads
These Celtic knots run true
And reading them
Like any book
Transparent pages grew

Your history
Through ages vast
Now proudly to display
One knot in time
Connect us too
Forever, through the day

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