Love loves the dark
For only then it is alone with it’s beloved
It’s enchanting melody
Sweetly playing on the breeze
A nocturne of lovers
The music of midnight
When shadows hold no more fear
Where there is no time but right now
No time at all
When lovers can run away
Away from the world
And revolve around each other
Like the moon dances around the earth
So they dance also
The stars shine above for them
For the night belongs to lovers

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In the heart of our people, arrogance has made home.
Sure of his place, man has said in his heart he is the only
power in the universe; the only life that exists; that matters
among the stars. Pride has taken home in his soul; has said in his mind, I am the almighty;
the one in control, I am god of all that lives and all that dies.
The seed of the ancients has forgotten his place.

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Along the Stars

Sweet Maria, born of flesh,
Sweet Maria your star scorn hex.
That bears away the soft white
The tender touch
That caressed the sea
And bounded ground across the fields.

Born again of dust and ash
Primed in solar wind
And dance the rings of dusty worlds,
That swirl and dance
And glimmer soft.

To my mind per eyes
I see the cast
That dwindles across the velvet folds
Of space and time
That pulls the fabric with a step
And tears it through with a pirouette.

Across the expanse
That never dies,
Across this expanse that only dims
The lights that burn
With flashing life
That burn as kings.
I watch you dance,
Cross the stars
Across our plane.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the words just came to me

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The Child Beyond The Stars

The madness of man will increase 100 fold;
into the chaotic and savage void, the souls of this realm will be devoured,
leaving behind, a mindless animal to tear itself apart,
as the shadow of the darkness beyond darkness will cover the face of the earth.
The window of time and space, opened by those who worship the child from beyond the stars,
will come on the dawn of the age of transference.


I lay awake staring at the stars.
how far away they seem.
couldn't catch them if i tried
not even in my dream.
the stars aren't meant for holding
no they're meant to be free
there meant to shine and glisten
and i think theres a star in me
Don't hold me down, don't make me fall.
just to make someone wish come true
I'll shine for you in the dark.
Just don't forget me when the sky turns blue.

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From the dimension where the faceless demon resides,
from far beyond the stars, it has been traveling for billions of years;
the one known as the end of worlds, the devourer of stars;
the darkness beyond darkness.
Many names it is called, and on the eve of the new age of transference,
the followers of the realm await its coming; on roof tops they pray
in trance, they cry out in awe of its power
and in faith, they indulge in ritual, bleeding and making sacrifice
seeking to open the gate to the realm; seeking to appease the one
of many names.

"Seraphim's Lament"

My Work

Judgment proclaims
that blood must be shed,
Wrath is a flame,
ruby dance of red.
Holiness can gaze,
only with Righteous eyes.
Worship and praise
continually rise.
In twain they are covered,
by feathers of Light.
Forever to hover
in the realm of His Sight,
Terrible Vision
that can strike you blind,
split-second decision
that will melt your mind.
Caught in the storm
created for Pleasure,
their wings will keep warm
their most adored Treasure.
Angelic beings
with Godlike desire.
Drawn from the dreams
of Elijah’s fire.
Whispers of nightmares,
birthed from stray stars.
Calculated diamond stare,
machines made for war.
Hiding each awful face,
from a Most Holy Throne,
from Adonai’s Secret Place
they guard His Presence, alone.
No human could conceive
their purpose or His plan;
standing ready, to receive,
His nod or sleight command.
Though human sight cannot behold
this terrifying art;
you cannot weigh in silver or gold,
the radiant love in His Heart.
The gift that He has given to me;
in this earthen disguise,
Seraphim frozen by what they see,
His Reflection, in my eyes..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the secret realm of the Most High....


Stars By Ria J. Leon

The shine of years,
Of sights seen through
Spectacles of crystal,
Tinted with rose,
Lingering over the dreams
And over the sleepless
And weary.
Surely angels
Are they who guard
Us nightly,
And city lights pollute your
Lovely soft light,
And while another
Is more brilliant
None is as sweet
Like you, who is
Honey and dew.
I know your names
or try,
But do you know me?
Or am i just another
Wide-eyed fool?
Content enough to watch
While others try and touch.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This ones simple, just a speculation on the stars.

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Spirits of the Night

I look upon a sky of black,
where have the stars gone?

The stars I saw as a child,
true rulers of the sky.

Dethroned by harsh, orange despots,
"streetlights" we call them.

Bring back the stars, my stars.

My spirits of the night.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this while looking out my window.

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