Stars And Happiness


Happiness is like the stars

Beautiful beyond measure

Way too many to know it all

And that creates the alliance


But the problem

Is the length one must go

Just a little takes so much

What’s the point is what I need to know


Must we have so much trouble

Just to get a bit of something good

Happiness should be easy

That would be nice, I think it would be



Written on

July 1, 2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written during my depression. I have come to find that it is easy to have happiness. Yet, I didn't think so at the time. 

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Aim for the Stars

Aim for the Stars


I look around me and I see
Those people I never wanted to be
Trapped forever in a deep black hole
No life, no hope, no where to go

I feel so blessed
To have come so far
From that bottomless pit
To my aim for the stars 


By The Hopeless Writer


P M Jarvis


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                                  TEARS DROP.



   Give me an electric guitar and I shall light up the sky!

Waiting for something to happen, but I feel so good,

I wonder and then again, I would lies,

If I did not know why my haemoglobins glow in the dark!

I am so far I sometimes wonder if I shall ever comeback.

But for what?

That the question who has been ra ttlingthe back of my mind!

Reality taste rather bitter and has no colours,

Just a plain texture, fill with the same pattern!

As I draw on the kitchen table!


Remember me mummy,

I was so quiet then, I would never say a word,

I was almost deaf to the screams,

And my silence was so loud inside me!

I wish I could have stand up, but I was only a child!


So I kept drawing stars,

In a black sky, multicolour stars,

Perfect on the paper,

Proud I would give the same sketches to my teachers,

I wonder if they knew, the meaning of those?


Each ones was a words,

I kept silence, while I try to loose my vision,

I truly live like some creeple child,

No visual concept, no voice, no ears…

I though this would last forever!


Looking back, I was already lost in my world,

Mystical and magic.

While all along we were under the treat of his brutality!

I knew so young to keep secrets,

But secrets kills is it not true mummy?


Look at me now!

Oh yes, I have never left this garden,

As a matter of fact, I hold the keys tightly,

And once in a while, I open the gates of hell,

To invite more macabre vices!


So many have try and falls,

To the sense of my sweet orchids!

Feast for the eyes, man eaters…

I never wanted this,
but how can I bring the sun where laid my bones?


Can’t you see I am still a child?

The same one, who would draw stars,

In the darkness I live for ten years.

It was so lonely, I lost myself so often!

Screaming for help….


So I learn to make this wild garden,

A place of love, a peculiar feeling indeed,

Guilty, I guess as sins,

But sins was the blessing,

Who run upon my forehead!


And today, I finally manage to let the rusty doors wide open,

And for eternity it shall be that way!

I trust the hand that will catch me

And call my name,

To take me over the other side!


It would be easy to call it: love.

But I know better!

Sadly, it hurt to think of the word,

The slow decline, maybe?

After all, what has he left me with…?


I look for to the end of the rain,

Tears drop upon my empty bed,

Like not so long, kisses felt from heaven,

Tonight is like any other nights, unbearable!




Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Fairies Waltz

Just a thought!

Fairies Waltz

Amidst the soft, southern breeze, in the whispering willows,
Sweet fairies, rising up, thru a wondrous dance...
Their heavenly bodies, caressing the air,
Parading the stars, with an innocent glance.
Pixie dust trails, as they waltz, hand in hand,
Mystical creatures, wisping butterfly wings...
Playful encounters, as they pass one another,
Little touches, parchment kisses and things.
Timeless ballerinas, bringing light to our eyes,
They are magical gifts, we all see...
Embrace with your heart, as they dance in your head,
These Fairies, will help set you free!

                         by Barry Anderson        

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Embrace your dreams!"

*29 Earth Poems

Short Poems


As he walked along, he saw a slain dandelion with grey locks
and blew the down of the mower victim that there be fluffy flower flocks
The tree branches God has joined together let no one cleave asunder.
The animal limbs God has joined together let no meatcutter cleave asunder.
Because the wind rustled blooming fruit trees
they released their fresh fragrance into the breeze
April is the most fragile month, when tender jade tenrils can be crushed by unconscious boots. Early years are the child's most

fragile, when vulnerable hearts can be easily broken.

Why has God his dew morngift sent? For cider, for butterfly drinks, for lilac
and jasmine scent
The fen way becomes a fern way, finely traced fans of jade.. waving in the wind.
The fruit tree oer the brook drops her free food into waters dappled... the fish
bob for apples
Those depressing stormclouds grey... wand the world to green
The orange tree... a green galaxy studded with starry saffron orbs
Most can from the apple tree pick spies.Only God can pluck blazing stars
from the skies
Like the beloved in a canoe paddled by her love is the willow tree trailing her
lacy fingers in the lake.. wherever she breaks its blue mirror she paints the water sunset gold
When the naturalist who defines plants as wild edibles
comes around, do the plants shiver and shake, quiver and quake?
Some find peace most in the mountains. Some find peace
most at the sea. And some find peace most in the mountains oer the sea.
Only newfallen laurel leaves in Richard Wilbur's laureate wreaths
for he takes only what Mother Earth gently bequeaths
Breeze made blooms assent nod as Assisi's God whispered 'walk unshod' where dirt clods have vined into sweet pea pods
and hardened sod broken to goldenrod
Inch across the yard the bright rays of dawn Striking magic wands cause flowers in the lawns.
In the foothills of the Apennines old olive trees with grapes vined ...make
violet orbs of olivine... we think of this in Los Angeles at Olive and Vine
Is God's favorite chapel sunlight dappled trees of apple? Her Ichi Ban shrine..trees of pine?
Her beloved mosque vine covered kiosks? Her best synagogue a cranberry bog?
Her holiest church woods of birch
The grape vine did entwine and spiral oer the high clothesvine
.. and turned it into a trellis ... from divine fire knitting knots just above the forgetmenots
All life is sacred but one day he chose that the Japanese beetle was greater than rose.
Crawling in his greenmail* armour over the Goldsmithed bloom ready to turn gold petal fire
into pure insect flight. He found when he chose the bug oer the rose God gave him back
endless blooms of rose
Cool full moon light it is certain will shine through living bamboo curtains
as she did for Thomas Merton as she did when Liz was flirtin with her beloved Richard Burton
She saw on an African safari that Mother Nature had by Lord Hari
showered with several brand new jade saris
Groundnesting birds, frogs, snakes, butterflies,
lady bugs, beehives, anthills, fireflies...all sliced or crushed as harvesters, lawnmowers and other machines roll unconsciously by
Oliver Stone: Within the olive is a stone.. a living stone which can reforest the world with olive groves, birds' and squirrels' homes,
free food treasure troves, roots below to prevent mudslides, evaporating leaves which summon rain above
He told us he had 9 acres in the Carolinas.. with grape arbors, peach groves, apple orchards and pumpkin patches, blueberry bushes
and nut trees matchless
Cut down that tree! the lumbermen cried She's so ugly and
so slipshod With her flaky head lost in the clouds and her feet in the filthy sod.. But all who loved her encircled her and kept her from the axe and the blade.In the spring with new roots she was shod
and clad in a new jade laceleafslip from God.
Within each acorn cloak are infinite oaks


*28 Some delight in colorful cheerful flowers.. others prefer enduring tree towers



Dick Van Dyke
Sally Jesse Rafael
Wayne Dyer
for a while in

cars slept these stars.

Jesus Christ, Buddha,
.. for a while
they lived neath stars.

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