My Sister

My thoughts

I’ve heard other sister,
Ones that are horrible,
Who seem to hate one another.

I’ve always thought,
That my sister and I,
Would never be like that.

But we fight,
And try to get back at one another,
Does that make us like those other sisters?

There are some sisters
I’ve seen,
Who seem to never get mad with one another.

That’s how I want to be
With my own little sister,
That seems like the perfect relationship.

I thought that we,
My sister and I,
Could get there some day.

But now I don’t know,
Because my sister has told me,
“I hate you!”

Now, this wasn’t in a goofy way.
This was said in a matter of fact way.
She’s not telling a lie.

I never thought,
In my darkest hours,
That I would hear my sister say this.

My heart is heavy,
My eyes are puffy,
I don’t know what to do.

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