I Wrote This One For You (Part 2)

She sits at home in quite

Until the maddness starts up agian

Then she cannot breath

She cannot smile again

She feels like crying

She feels like dying

But still doesn't want anyone to know

She want no one to care for her at all

She builds a castle without a door

She doesn't want to talk no more

She just waits a day,

For the pain to go away

There is a friend who tried to comprehend

Although he is not there he would still like to know

She cares so much, that he cares so much

She cares enough to push him away

She knows he doesn't need this pain and wishes he'd stay away

But he cares and he listens, he takes everything she says

He'd take anything, to make her day OK

So she remembers, back to the days

When he and her didn't have seperate ways

She sits and wonders what it would be like today

And so does he, he loves her so much, in whatever way she needs

And this girl she could become anythign she wants

She will grow up and have a great life someday

She is scared of commitment and the pressure it brings

She was taught not to love, such simple petty things

From a mother and from a father

Who didn't get things worked out together

She is still cryin there every single day

But this boy knows her true

He can see the love in her and knows what she can do

He hopes she will never give up on a dream she had

She hopes he will learn when to just give up

But he knows what she can't see

A magical mind full of beauty

But he will let her be, until she sees

The every GIFT that God has given her

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Part 2 of the series of poems...a little different then the first, but I never said they would be similar. This one is about inner beauty and what she cannot sometimes see. Giving is the best I can do right now, so here, take it and do with it what you like, it's yours...for you.

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Christine Smith's picture

I cant believe i never critiqued on this one...these three beautiful pieces of my life strung together by perfect words...everything is so true. its almost scary to hear it coming from somebody who i thought never could and never would understand me. i can say i've changed, i know i have, and i think for the better. i dont get so caught up in home life, but this poem made me see the improvement i have made in my life-and its such a relief. thank you so much for this gift.