God Has A Dream! And I Do Too!

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu latest book’s title struck a me so profoundly... God Has A Dream: A Vision Of Hope For Our Times.


The Archbishop states, “God dream is for the women of the world to take over and start a revolution and turn the world into a place of compassion, gentleness, and sharing..."

Most assuredly, God has a dream, so do I too!

In order for radical change to be made on earth, we must start a radical changing revolution. Women can revert the world into a place of compassion, gentleness, sharing, and helping our human family this is the solution. The world revolution women initiate can start loving, and giving to grow and thrive so we may have peace and harmonize. God has a dream, so do I too!

It begins with you and me. God has placed the spirit in women of the world to make changes you see. Remembering from our past history when any radical changes which have come about, it was a woman or women whom initiated these changes. God has a dream, so do I too!

This was and is the real deal. Now, in order for the world’s hurting heart to be healed the women of the world must make a big deal and revolt, it is the world’s only hope. Search deep in your heart’s you can feel what I fee look to God he will give you what you need to succeed. The revolution of peace, loving, compassion, gentleness, and giving is vital for the world’s human family’s living prosperously. God has a dream, so do I too!

Women the heart of the world is you. I would not have told you this if it were not true.

Starting a revolution is what it is going to take to make the difference we are going to make. Yes the drastic measures we are going to have to take for humanities sake… God has a dream, so do I too!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The women of this earth must start a revolution and make a difference in all our lives. Looking at poverty, AIDS epidemic here, Uganda, South Africa around the world! Not to mention the current wars here (crime, gang violence, to only mention the tip of our major real issues etc.) and abroad has taken a devastating toll on us all.  Intellectual introspections in its purest form is fine, however, philosophical daydreaming does nothing to benefit humanity. There has got to be a radical revolution in order to change the world's present situations. Time to stop daydreaming and get off our collective Asses and revolt now!

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

yes agree need to get off collective asses and get some love,nurturing and compassion back in this world. wonderful write and profound statement!