Political Anarchy

Our world is devastated with blight from terrorists who's killed so many its left tears in most of our sights.

The pain which has been caused some feel is our own doing due to our mental zones even though the air planes that has flown.

To one of our most dedicated sites you destroyed with hate but honestly did you expect them to wait.

With our country in its hideous way of living that has decided to take all that had been giving.

By our forefathers intent on peace all the in charge now has caused this to decrease.

Now until we go back heres the reason why this America tries to only buy.

The love and unity for which we've started to believe in although looking past the facade and seeing the lions den.

Often when people ask why it doesn't bother me when terrorists kill so many American families I tell them we mostly have caused this and they say damn to me.

So as so many EVILS run amok in our home of supposed free will and unbiased culture I see the truth from hanging on this painful sepulcher.

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