2002 Poetry

don't be so quick to analyze

you might be hypnotized

in fact as they say

no wooing lad will convey

ugly words to a potential honey

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*Preetidutt *

                    we waited  a life

                    time to form this

                    strong bind we prayed

                   god to send us a special

                    love. god answered us

                   from the heavens  above

                   from a white pretty dove.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sweetie i couldn't despair writing a sweet
poem about you because
these are feelings that
will never ever go away until the day i die .
youve touched my heart in all the right places i see why you call me your queen because you treat me like one, Babe God keeps on blessing us more and more everyday gods so good to us :*).
i cant wait to spend the
rest of my life with you
see your face share all
the good and bad days with you wipe away all
of your tears be there
for you when you need me
im ready for the long
haul it means alot to me
for you to have happiness
you complete me u are
my one and only and im
so proud of you of all
of your achievements you
are one of a kind to me.
plus this poem means to
be gifted with lots of love neat i love it :*).

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* Paradise *

                       When im in your

                       warm strong arms

                        im in a sweet

                       paradise with you.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

*Paradise in your Arms* Is about a speacil
woman very happy being
close to her man. she feels safe and secure and
theres no other place shed rather than right  beside her man forfilling all of his needs. looking into his
gorgeous brown eyes kissing his sweet cherry
lips. he whispers sweet
nothings in her ear . she falling asleep in his
strong warm arms. its amazing to find a prince
u want to spend the rest
of your life and live happily ever after with.
and weve finally found each other ciao :*) .

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Loves Fire

love poems

When two hearts are brought together

They start to make a fire

Filled with light of passion

And Heavens desire

From one heart to the other

It starts to grow

On the face of lovers it starts to show

Look in the eyes of one

With the lovers glow

See the fire that burns within

Standing through the rain of time

And the winds of change

Because of the hearts that bind

Together with loves true fire

©Jeremy Conn


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Meaning of Love

True love comes to

those who wait.

It is not immediate

as it comes


It is fast & furious.

As it takes you by


It should be embraced

because there is no

2nd chance.

Tell the one that grabs

your heart. You are

beautiful inside & out.

You are destined to be

with me, until Iam sent

to be with my creator.

It wasn't your beauty,

your innocense, but

your respect

for my being that

attracted me to you.

You seem to cross my path

& now I can't get you off

from it.

Your eyes, smile & voice

entice me to no end.

You bewitched me the first time

I saw you.

It was the sorcery from

where you are from,

that gave you the energy,

to cast me under your spell.

If it's me that you wish,

say no more.

But don't waste time in

thinking or pondering

about me.

Touch me with your hands.

Tell me you like me with

your voice.

Look into my being

with your eyes.

You'll find a gentle spirit.

I will tell you that I like you

& the words love

won't be far behind.

My visions told me of a girl

like you. I was scare of it.

But I have away to confront

my fears & sometimes even learn

to love it.

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Tripped into the world

Stumbled towards

Fell into the richness

Deepened color

Your face inches away

I could taste


Love has tempted me once again

Could I?

Conjure this


Capture the attention

Of the world


The words to fall onto my tongue

A fragrance that lingers

A memory

Of a dream

I once had



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Other Stuff

I want a woman who I can share my darkest secrets with.

I want a woman who can conquer my deepest desires.

I want a woman who'll encourage me to be more like me.

And when things get too hot she can put out all the fires.

I need acceptance and trust and friendship and love.

Not some bullshit fairy tale type crap.

I need to feel like she's on the same wavelength as me.

Not like either one of us is caught in a trap.    

I want a lover who can overcome all kinds of obstacles.

I want a lover with a sense of humor and a sense of what's right.

I want a lover with a mind of her own and a heart of gold.

Somebody who can help get me through any night.

She won't ask me to change but she'll push me to do better.

She won't tell me what to do but she'll point me in the right direction.

She won't force me to bend where I don't want to bend.

And when something's not right, she's not afraid to make a correction.

I want someone who fits into my life.

that's not afraid to be herself no matter who herself is.

I want someone who's caring, understanding, and brilliant.

Can anybody tell me where this girl is?

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I Think Of You; Suddenly My Heart Is Singing!!

a.(Music: Paganini Capricio #24, a la Paganini)

Lover!, How is it, so often,

that whenever I get

b.(Music: Paganini Capr. #24, a la Rachmaninoff)

And now you are here,

so close by my heart,

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a.) Paganini, Capricio # 24;
b.) a la  Rachmaninoff, OPUS 20.

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Passionate night

Watching the sun as it begins to set, the wind lightly blows

Her lips slightly wet, as the passion slowly unfolds.

The stars begin to peek, as we dance in this melody of the early night suite. Darkness suddenly envelops the earth. I hear the bittersweet singing of a nightingales rebirth. My heart beats with this rhythm that brings me into submission, and beckons the illusion of undying, unquenchable passion. Like a drug she's in my blood stream, making my whole body scream.

Her graceful dance, her swan-like movements keep me in this trance, eyes fixated on her spirited seductive prance, romance, passion enhanced; I’m love stricken in the matter of seconds.

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