Forever and Always

Forever and always,

I could see,

us together,

we will always be..

Forever and always,

are you sure?

because life right now,

couldnt be more of a blur,

Forever and always,

how would you know,

if we will always be together,

nobody knows.

Forever and always,

I will doubt,

that we will ever be seperated,

from our eternal knot.

Forever and always,

I love you,

Together we will make,

Our dreams come true..

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Let me

sit in the shadows

at the edge

of the clearing


as I watch your passions burn.

Master the art

to moan and smile,  

in the pleasure

of loving and giving.

Like a dying moth,

quench your thirst

that burning desire,

that has been raging

in that bottomless depth.    

As love resonates

from my warm chest,  

clothes rattle  

dry between the legs,  

as we fuel the fire,  

burning ourselves

alongwith a portion  

of the night.  

Darkness creeps  

towards the dying fire  

the wind encircles,  

our dancing hearts.  

Love enters in

like an unseen wave,  

the beat softens  

on the log  

that shall never miss  

a hot breath.  

Entwined and weaved  

as we witness the magic  

of those vague fairytales


of nights long ago  

when thunder rumbles

out far below.  

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Heart Disease

Seduced by the opaque light

of a night in San Francisco -

hypnotized by the drifting shadows

of dieffenbachia -

aroused by the insistent rhythm

of  "Space Oddity" -

you kissed

and re-infected me.

After years

of self-imposed quarantine

from the incapacitating effects

of intimacy and sex

I had cultivated a strain of resistance

I believed to be the equivalent of immunity.

How arrogant to assume

that I could again

commune with such a virulent virus

and defy the disease.

One FUCKING night!

And now I am

nauseous with need

faint with fever

delirious with desire

and incoherent with craving

for more of you or someone new.

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And in the sun

Lips slowly kiss

And clench their teeth


And in the sun

Everyone is blind

Ad if you weren't real

I would dream you up

And if you were mute

I'd be speechless still

For in the sun

Everyone is blind

And in the sun

The earth is spacious tundra

As fire and ice

Slowly kiss

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Hidden In You


Hidden in you

deep inside the

well of your heart

Is love so deep the

bottom surely cannot

be seen.

Hidden in you

is passion so

loving and intense

the flame burns

brightly enough

to be seen for

miles around.

Hidden in you

is love enough

to fill all the

hearts of a lonesome

world made cold

by the longing

hopelessness brings.

I see your truth.

I see your heart.

I see your longing.

I see your dreams.

And I see me...

Hidden in you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by a letter I received recently.  Thanks for the imagery.

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You And Me 2

Darkness of evil stay away,

eternity goodness stays and never leaves,

rage of anger keep clear,

excitement moods are welcome,

keep me and never leave,

Till we die, stay here and guard me,

as evil flows above us and never touches,

you guard them well with your love,

love...a strong power within us,

opposite ends will never cross,

really, safe thanks to you, my love.

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The Parlance of Adoration


My heart seeks truth.

You know the kind that

captures hearts and speaks

their real purpose openly.

If there were one thing

that I could have over

all other things, it would

be to find and be with my

on true love...forever.

This is neither a lofty

goal. Nor is it unattainable.

There is no illusion to it.

And it is not rife with hopeless

desire enshrouded in false hope.

It is real. It can happen.

And by the grace of God and,

if necessary, sheer will. I

will have my most longed for

treasure discovered and brought

home so it can be enjoyed


It is the truth of real love

that spurns me on. Ever forward

to those loving arms without a

face that wait so patiently for

me to come home to their

comforting embrace.

It is this surreal reality

in which my heart lives on

a noble, but seemingly,

endless quest for my "perfect

partner".  It is with great

determination and hope that

I embarked on this search.

When it is done, and my prize

of priceless value is at home

in the center of my heart, I

will weep openly to her...once.

In my tears will be my trust and

loyalty and adoration and committment.

Enough for a lifetime.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This quietly speaks of what I have been searching for while saying what we are all looking for.

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Terpentine Sky

as I walk along beside you

your smile slays me with each glance

I look not upon the charcoal sky

but at the beauty of lips and teeth

moving, shuffling, narrowing through patches of blue black and white

cotton blowing so lightly in the wind

hair strands sawing on a cheek

its this lust and face that has trapped you

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My Poems

This is one of the times

when I don't care what I write

as long as it Rhymes

to show you how easily

Poetry comes to me.

To show you how Poetically

I can be.

I have a PASSION To Write

about Feelings and Insights

I can't help but to Jot Down My Thoughts.

Making Since Is Sought


Spoken and Written

in ways that can have you caught,


I write with a Spiritual Feeling

that makes me feel

OH So Good

That I have the ABILITY TO WRITE.

Can you feel it?

Not hearing my voice

is something you'll

just have to deal with.

It's like an Energy Surge

From Mind

to Pen

then Words

Visual with Silence

but Mentally Heard.

Can you hear it?

Is the picture as Clear

as the Words That I Speak

as I Seek

to Combine

Line After Line

to show that I Can Find

a Poetic Way To Write

about (( WHATEVER )).

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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