*Preetidutt *

                    we waited  a life

                    time to form this

                    strong bind we prayed

                   god to send us a special

                    love. god answered us

                   from the heavens  above

                   from a white pretty dove.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sweetie i couldn't despair writing a sweet
poem about you because
these are feelings that
will never ever go away until the day i die .
youve touched my heart in all the right places i see why you call me your queen because you treat me like one, Babe God keeps on blessing us more and more everyday gods so good to us :*).
i cant wait to spend the
rest of my life with you
see your face share all
the good and bad days with you wipe away all
of your tears be there
for you when you need me
im ready for the long
haul it means alot to me
for you to have happiness
you complete me u are
my one and only and im
so proud of you of all
of your achievements you
are one of a kind to me.
plus this poem means to
be gifted with lots of love neat i love it :*).

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ugonna's picture

What a movingly
refreshing piece,

It is our emotions
and kind gratefulness
that truely define the
extent of our human