not for those under 18!!! do not read!!!!!

This surrender.

In soft eyes I see light from my soul reflected

In light voice I hear my laughter returned

From touch your hand the caress that gives me hope

From lips embraced I know only velvet heaven

Enfolded arms give comfort unending

Soft flesh my dreams made true her legs enwrapped

From beating heart out her breast in twined

Smooth silken brace our hips in time

Our breath like a storm raging and fast

Out our bodies like the rain pours

Slow and demanding comes the rhythm

Rhythm demanding comes slow and hot

Plunging further inside the soul as one

As one inside the river runs

Pour out like skies in spring's release

Held in time this moments' bliss

Our kiss this time held close in breath

Your love to me I give from me to you

This surrender.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this one is for my wife. whom i adore.

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Wilderness of the Soul

My wild eyes puncture your form with deadly accuracy,

disecting your existence and your intentions.

Try to understand me and you fail

Unlike anything else in this world I can bewitch you,

Permeate your dreams, plague your thoughts

and provoke your desires.

I am one of a kind, and you want to claim me as your own.

But you cannot, for I am a mystical angel, a devil in


Dangerous, almost evil, in my pursuit for your heart,

I attack your defenses unmercifully, until I have you.

When content in my prize, I allow you to regain your senses

enough to realize I am your mighty huntress; enough to know

you are slave to your own fantasies of me

You are mine,

And so lost in the illusion you manifest as me, for yourself.

The power I have over you is magnificent,

Yet, try and elude me and you become your own slave

of desire.  

Try and deny me, and you will never be set free.

Your mind precludes your juxtapositon in this surrealism,

For your fate draws you to my fire

and you know you are my carnal slave.

Recalling the heat that our bodies made

when we entwined our limbs and we become as one;

Recalling the mixing of our flesh, the pounding of our life forces

and the chorus of our screams driven only by instincts

   to procreate, you admit your primitive needs enslave you.

But, I no longer need your magic, a slave was I, to you also,

Trapped in what our bodies crave,  I became trapped also

for my lust to have you.

But now I let go, for my heart never heard those timeless words

that would keep me steadfast.

Still, I continue to bask in the splendorous carnal emotions

and renew from memory, our powerful encounters,

the smell of your body on mine  

my memories are raw with wounds from your

lust and desires.

Yet, what truly aches is inside my soul, asking for your

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I Love That Woman

My Poems

Am I losing my mind?

Or am I just a guy

who can't hide how he feels inside?

Even if I tried

I can't deny

that I

love the women in my life.

Even as far as I can think,

as far as my roots let me reach,

I know that I love that woman.

Even though I never seen the eyes

of all those women who's

Determined Love for us men

helped give me my life

With pride I know I can say

that I

Love those women.

So with these words I will say:

Theres going to be tough times,

there's going to be some rough times,

life is too short

It just seems there's not too much time.

Though there is enough time

To love that woman.

From Great, Great, Great

To Great

Those women who put up with alot

of crap from our fathers

and still was able to create

Individuals like you and I

With love for poetry in our eyes

hearts and minds.

Let us remind ourselves

of Poetry's history,

it's strength and it's wealth.

The reason why it's written,

because someone feels they have something to say.

Well, Here is what I have to say


(This is dedicated to all the woman who keep their marks in life remembered) "She had to be a Poet"

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So wrong

The skies once blue turned black in my moment of disgrace,

Assumed her feelings were real, finally felt I found my place,

Slammed down hard after such a great moment, I cried, I cried,

The tears came back, I was hit again, and it was all the same.

The skies that once shined, went dark at the sight of my face,

She stood in front of me, beautiful, her skin smooth as lace,

I'm a loser, you're an angel, you said we're so different,

I have got nothing, once again it comes, I feel my self hatred.

You sat outside crying, what was I suppose to say?

I thought things were changing, this one great day,

I Rethought about everything, that couch where I lay,

The "cute face" was just a compliment, I'm sorry it was fake.

Damn my feelings, my sight of life,

That screamed out so loudly, I felt your touch and your light,

The interest we share, the sadness you say I have no sake,

You've brought me a smile, so please don't take it.

Well I screwed up again, No I didn't win.

I wish this all would never have happened.

It all just seemed so clear, your signs seemed so right.

Now I'm living a sin, so dark in hate tonight.

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It doesn't take much

in the scheme of things,

To know of your passion

and the excitement you bring.

A woman of substance

is a woman to heed.

For to ignite her senses

is a pleasure, indeed.

My sense of abandon

speaks to the pleasure I crave.

I need someone who's trusting,

someone who's brave.

I won't disappoint you

for I've loving enough

to bring you to ecstacy,

without fear of rebuff.

I want you and need you

as each day I do find,

I do wonder about you,

for you're always on my mind.

So take solace, my teacher.

For there is much at stake,

for my heart aches for you

each moment I'm awake.

Call me and I will come to you.

Touch me and I will sate you.

Think of me and I will bring a smile to your lips.

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Sweet Delight

I like what you're doing to me, I like the way it feels, don't believe I'll ever get enough.It gives me such a thrill.

Baby the way you hold me, drives me out of my mind

And the way you whisper in my ear gets me everytime.

Touch me hold me, love me all night long,

Ease this ache, take control, sing me a love song.

All I need is you to take away this pain,give me what I'm needing, help me love again.

You are the one that can show me what I've missed.

Prove it to me, give me one more kiss.

Getting hot now, really kind of steamy, I am so glad that its you that is with me.

You started this fire that rages out of control,the blaze that surrounds me flames throughout my soul.

Touch me, hold me, love me all night long, ease this ache take control, sing me a love song.

I need you, you're in my dreams, I'm going to paradise,

come with me. Side by side, you and I

sharing love's sweet delight.

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Intimate Poems

She has awaited him...

Anticipated him for so very long,

and now inside of her life he was - FINALLY.

Finally she could release herself, and allow

true love to tame her beast within...

He became her most quiet need, and he overflowed

all of the absence and all of the voids within her life.

His love was so genuine, that she trusted him - because she needed him.

That was the most important thing...

That need...

To trust...


And she had relinquished all of it, so completely...

Without any hesitation she surrendered.

As she lay there on the bed, all of her will in his hands...

As she lie there on her back...

Her hands tied to the wooden mahogany posts of the king sized bed?his bed.

The scent of jasmine and frankensense penetrating the air.  Oils from his body mixing a cocktail with hers - intoxicating them both.  Flames of candles flickering, dimly lighting the room - casting a sexual tango of their shadows on the walls surrounding them...

She was at his mercy...

Hmmm....That is - if he decided to show her any.

He crouches over her on his hands and knees ? his body was so beautiful and so powerful, like some big beautiful jungle cat staring into her eyes.  Capturing her in a trance as he loomed over her.  He tries to express the hunger he has for the taste of her love as he stares into her.  Flames from the candles dancing in his pupils, as he glares at her with so much want.

And with so much passion.


It was too much.

She couldn't take it - for she could sense his desire to please her..

To pleasure her..

To have her inside of his love..

The moment became so intense that she tried to close her eyes..

She tries to look away.

But she couldn't.  And he knows this as he gently parts her thighs with the palms of his hands...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my first attempt at writing a form of erotica...

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The Lover's Journey


She moved her way across the room,

seductively catching his eye.

He watched her, as she approached,

gaze trained to her short-skirted thigh.

Although they'd been together,

only the night before,

each time that they would meet again,

they wanted each other more.

He embraced her in his arms,

and kissed her silky lips.

Pulling her closer to him,

his hands upon her hips.

Then slowly they undressed,

and moved across the floor.

Descending upon the bed,

their fevers burning more.

They both began the exploration,

as lovers always do.

But this journey was all their own,

each other, they well knew.

He teased her with his mouth,

until she cried out loud.

That he could bring her such pleasure,

left him feeling manly and proud.

When she returned the favor,

all of him was lost.

They joined their bodies as one,

as upon the bed they tossed.

They rode the waves of passion's thunder,

that their ecstasy did create.

When they reached that peak together,

it always sealed their fate.

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With a simple kiss,
the fire had begun.
As the two of them,
melded as one.


Setting off sparks,
where each would touch.
Building an inferno,
till it became too much.


In a frenzied heat,
they took what each gave.
Feeding their passion,
till the flames just raged.


A smoldering joining,
of two so in need.
Each of them giving,
till the other would plead.


Consumed by their love,
there in the afterglow.
They held each other tightly,
never wanting to let go.


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