* Paradise *

                       When im in your

                       warm strong arms

                        im in a sweet

                       paradise with you.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

*Paradise in your Arms* Is about a speacil
woman very happy being
close to her man. she feels safe and secure and
theres no other place shed rather than right  beside her man forfilling all of his needs. looking into his
gorgeous brown eyes kissing his sweet cherry
lips. he whispers sweet
nothings in her ear . she falling asleep in his
strong warm arms. its amazing to find a prince
u want to spend the rest
of your life and live happily ever after with.
and weve finally found each other ciao :*) .

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pkpbc1950's picture

A very powerful message in this short poem!

Joel's picture

yes, it is nice to find that special someone

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