gams of desire

your legs are not beautiful

in the hollywood pay 10 dollars

for a ticket delight

...your legs are beautiful in the sensual

tongue against the roof of my mouth silence

way of thinking

and the beauty comes from knowing

how they will wrap around my waist

so they can control the thrust of

animal entanglements

the white curves whispers comments

that no one knows what they mean

but everyone gets the point

the hazy

so many things could happen wonderment

they fold into a position that seems odd

but not the odd ha ha focus

and i am wrapped in the pinot grigio thoughts

that compromises like a kiss in the prep room

of an old hotel when the night has

many roads leading out of two doors

and your legs will walk

towards one of them

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Under the Moonlight

Volume One





Under the Moonlight”


Close your eye's under the Moonlight

if I do anything right

let it be this kiss tonight

hold me tight

don't let our love slip out of sight

close your eye's under the moonlight

don't tell me this is wrong, when it feels so right

I don't ever want this night to end

I remember your every touch

and afterward I'd miss it vary much

how you whisper in my ear, that you love me

the way your breath feels against my skin that subtle degree

my love for you is free

hold me close under the moonlight

I wouldn't give you up without a fight

because you are my only light

Kiss me once, and I'll love you forever

Kiss me twice, and we will be together

because tonight we're both under the moonlight

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated; From Psycho-Confessions)

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forty five calibre obsession

wash the cuts with iodine, and

lick the wounds with a loving tongue

-watch me, pull out my smith and wesson

literary gun

(cop killer bullets)

we outnumber you six to one.

pull the trigger,

watch the ink crash

like a wave upon the paper

curses inflict flesh wounds

imminent silence follows soon,

the smoke from the barrel

creates a world

for us both to get lost in

kiss a wind to storm away a world

watch my target swim in a pool of red.

come, we're gonna go rob a madness

down, on the south side of town.

kill a theocracy, kill the 'i' in 'we'

lets have a little fun.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

how i truely feel about writing

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In your eyes

I see reflected an image unexpected.

In your eyes

I am more than I've ever been before.

In your eyes

I am wanted, your every thought I've haunted.

In your eyes

I'm more valuable than gold and in my hand your heart I hold.

In your eyes

there burns a raging fire that kindles and stirs my own desire.

In your eyes

is the only place I've found true love, so let me be drowned...

In your eyes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem written July 8, 2002

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You look in my eyes igniting a spark deep in my core.

A need begins to grow and I want so much more.

You caress my face gently with your fingertips,

Then kiss me softly, tenderly on the lips,

And the tiny ember erupts into a raging fire

That fills body and soul with burning desire.

Our bodies join in that lover's embrace,

And I have no concept of time or space.

I am totally consumed by passion's flame,

Forever changed, I cry out your name.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written July 7, 2002

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Through the splendor of the star filled sky

Echoes the sound of a lover's sigh.

Floating endlessly on the breeze,

While we make love underneath the trees.

Wrapped in the cloak of ebony night,

Where our desire burns brighter than sunlight.

Your touch fills me with a hungering need,

That only you my love, can feed.

You lift me higher and higher,

I am consumed in the fire.

Reveling in sensual pleasure,

With ecstasy beyond all measure.

'Til we are spent, our strength gone,

Lying entwined, we greet the dawn.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written July 8, 2002

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You come to me with a burning desire,

Kindling within me a raging fire.

You have awakened the sleeping beast

Who upon you will begin to feast.

Hungrily, we exchange a kiss,

Starting a journey to total bliss.

When your finger starts its tracing,

It sets my pulses racing;

The blood thunders in my ears;

My body's bathed in passion's tears;

Love for you is what you instill

As all my fantasies you fulfill.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written December 12, 2002

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Soon there will be nothing left of me

Just a whisper of what used to be

I'm nothing but a dry shell

That's forever under your spell

You are all I desire

I'm consumed in your fire

On you I will sup

Drink, for you are my cup

And I will empty you

This is what I've turned into

A creature heretofore unknown

Subsisting on you alone

Inhaling the quintessence

Of your very essence

Until we are no longer two

But one made anew

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written December 3, 2002

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Your words caress my body,

causing nerve endings to tingle

and become sensitive to the slightest touch.

I feel your thoughts wash over me,

like a warm and gentle rain.

Your desires are echoed by my own,

awakening passions from their deep slumber,

causing the beast of carnal lust

to bare the teeth that rip and tear

at the substance of my being,

devouring me until at last it is sated,

allowing sanity to once again return

with the prim and proper persona I project,

masking the wild animal I have become,

sending it to a land of dreams,

there to wait until called forth again

by just one word from you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written December 1, 2002

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