Their First Time



The fire in her eyes,
told him of her need.
He knew that she was nervous,
and so he took the lead.


Carressing her cheek so lightly,
he pulled her close to him.
They held on to each other,
and let their loving begin.


Gently his hands moved on her,
feeling her warming skin.
As their passion overtook them,
they felt the heat within'.


With his mouth he took her,
where she'd never been before.
With lips and tongue he teased her,
until she begged for more.


They joined then with their bodies,
their hearts, their souls, their minds.
Till all the doubt and hesitation,
was left so far behind.


Their bodies moved together,
till they were both fullfilled.
This melding of two lovers,
was what the fates had willed.


They lay there close together,
in their tempered afterglow,
until their frantic heatbeats,
finally began to slow.


When their breathing had returned,
they knew their passion wasn't abated.
So they began again,
not ending, till both were sated.


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The Lovers...



A cooling breeze was blowing,
the gentle air around.
As two people sat together,
there upon the ground.


He pulled her to his chest,
into his warm embrace.
His fingers slowly stroking,
the contours of her face.


She ran her fingers through his hair,
and melted at his touch.
The breathing became heavier,
their passion just too much.


The moan escaped her throat,
as he bent down to her lips.
She felt his hands moving now,
down upon her hips.


Then as they lay back,
and settled in the sand,
they touched and they discovered,
with tender warming hands.


He was very gentle
and she moaned a little sigh,
as slowly he trailed his fingers,
up along her thigh.


She knew the place he seeked,
and what it was he sought.
He found it at that moment,
and all her will was wrought.


When they finally came together,
it felt so very right.
They continued their loving, wildly,
all throughout the night!



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The Fire's Force



An all engulfing fire,
burning down the night.
Blazing a path right through you,
consuming everything in site.


Embers glowing all around,
till there's nothing more.
Except a passion you never knew,
existed there before.


Feel its fiery heat,
as you dance within' its flames.
Scorching you all over,
yet never feeling pain.


You feed the flames with love,
letting it run its course.
Pleasure is all you feel,
from the awesome fire's force!


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The Rendezvous



Middle of the humid night,
on a dimly lit side street.
Two shadows come together,
as finally, the lovers meet.


He gently cups her face,
and leans in for a kiss.
She falls into his arms,
oh, how she's waited for this.


They make their way quickly,
upstairs, to his place.
Where he undresses her slowly,
revealing, only her lace.


Upon the waiting bed,
he slowly lays her down.
And, into each other,
they begin to drown.


With impatient hands,
they playfully explore.
He looks into her eyes,
to ask her if she's sure.


The smile that she gives,
is all the answer he ever needs.
He pleasures her supple body,
until she moans and pleads.


Mouth on moistened mouth,
and lips on glistening skin-
what feels and tastes so good,
to them, can't possibly be a sin.


They meld as if they're one,
in utter sexual delight.
They know that they love...
they know, this is right.


When they are sated through,
have ridden the climactic crest,
he softly lays his head,
down, upon her creamy breast.


As the dawn lazily comes,
they arise in their knowing,
that once again, night has past,
...soon, she must be going.


She dresses then to leave,
and as he held her tight,
softly, he whispers against her cheek,
"I'll see you again tonight."


See, they know its just no use,
to fight what it is they feel.
So they'll just keep on meeting,
in whatever time they can steal.



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Sexual Tension




It was there hanging in the air,
Just renting all around.
They never said a word,
Didn't utter a single sound.


The spark was always there,
They just let it play about.
But now it seems the fire,
Was screaming to get out!


It started out as flirting,
Playful words and little looks.
But now it seemed so different-
They both knew they were hooked.


Then the simple touch,
The brushing of a hand.
Became all to often,
More than they could stand.


Until that very night,
When they found they were alone.
They started out just talking,
But their hands began to roam.


So began the journey,
With just a mere suggestion.
No more could they handle,
All this inhibited sexual tension.


They fell into each other,
They took each other in.
They just enjoyed the moment,
And let their passion begin.


He was very tender,
So responsive to her needs.
She knew just what he yearned for,
And him she strived to please.


Together they rolled with passion,
Of this, their very secret desire,
She took him up to into the sky,
And then he took her even higher.


The sexual tension, that was there,
Came between them now, no more.
For with their discarded clothes, it lay,
Down there, upon the floor.


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Passion Fire


It burns inside,

this dancing flame.

I feel the heat,

and I'm not the same.

Strengthened by breath,

the flames are fed.

Colors that meld,

yellow, orange and red.

Causing a glow,

that penetrates dark.

It burns so fiercely,

hitting its mark.

Blazing a path,

where I use to be whole.

Leaving cinders behind,

from heart to soul.

This fire consumes,

all in its wake.

As across the coals,

I am raked.

Leaving me,

with intense heat.

Sweat is absorbed,

by the sheets.

You are my flame,

my one desire.

My ragging inferno,

My Passion Fire!!!

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Hold On To The Headboard

Funny, Ha, Ha

Knock, knock, knock...

squeak, squeak, squeak...

pant, pant, pant...

shriek, shriek, shriek...

moan, moan, moan...

sigh, sigh, sigh...

yes! Yes!! YES!!!

My, My, My!!!!

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                                                                        a thousand sensuous promises

swim unchecked

in the dark electrifying waters of your melting eyes

you wring me out

by just being so AWARE


how the eyes can convey  so many erotic messages

with but one liquid penetrating stare

to that supremely intimate place

its enthralling  to know

that the very thought of me can take you there

silent storming passions of the  scrumptious swirl and slide of hips

could play out like magnificent hurricanes

in the right woman's arms

a flash of such grippingly sweet desire pushes your temperature

to rise and hum

at the preapice of such sexual tide cresting over into flame

the chest shimmies hungry to exhale

lips curl down when the breath''s cadence falls shallow

the peak concentrates inwardly

at that one sweet point

then flairs up

rushing to be met

and at a much deeper level of feminine intuition

I can almost feel the stroke burning through my very own hand

hot feminine lure pools in is own solitary anticipation

ever changing swift is the mood and rampent the sexual pitch

a sin throbbing grin begins dancing around the lick able edges

of those noteworthy full and far too kissable lips

my equalibriumn suddenly  sways then dips

your release before my very own eyes has taken from you its

Author's Notes/Comments: 

sensuous need I say more!

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                                                                                                       so pierces

the tender skin of such initial intrigue

this precocious pirate

aboard a familiar but lavish ship

christened with the name La Glittering Attraction

boullions of priceless conversations we greedily horde

anxious marauders are we

steering through

dialogues of the delicious

amid choppy waters

of the vanquished and misunderstood

our bounty

a sweet interlock of ageless innocent word play

filled with enticement, subtlety and tease

ravagement  and muse

its so beautiful to laugh so free

to step out of the usual role of selves that we wear much

too comfortably in society

taking on the very root of each other's candor

toe to virtual toe in readied stance to parry

speaking so easily in the suspended forum

of the timeless CHAT

to just think

a ravenesque romp

with the likes of a loose limbed French man

enchantment personified

oh to just imagine it

makes even the bones keen so sweet

what a bold and emblazened idea indeed

why just one too many parlez vous  and I could find myself

falling into a most heady fascination with you

while the poetess prowling within

is greedily lapping up this highly

unexpected rendevous

in her own brand of psychotropic way

sometimes the throb from the dance never

asked for

can be sweeter than the ball called life

that every moment has attended

for its there that the captured bird

sees not only the open door

but the reality for just such a cage

but still I  must say

merci mon cherie ami

for allowing me a glimpse

at the glories of men

still left unbelievably  for me

upon those gingerly trodden paving stones

of my yonder years

yet note quietly today

the mysterious little smile I wear

from the very thought of our quaint encounter

it will never wane

not for a moment

not for an aeon

not for the millenniums to come

your name

in my mind

forever flashes

in the most brilliant of neon



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