Meaning of Love

True love comes to

those who wait.

It is not immediate

as it comes


It is fast & furious.

As it takes you by


It should be embraced

because there is no

2nd chance.

Tell the one that grabs

your heart. You are

beautiful inside & out.

You are destined to be

with me, until Iam sent

to be with my creator.

It wasn't your beauty,

your innocense, but

your respect

for my being that

attracted me to you.

You seem to cross my path

& now I can't get you off

from it.

Your eyes, smile & voice

entice me to no end.

You bewitched me the first time

I saw you.

It was the sorcery from

where you are from,

that gave you the energy,

to cast me under your spell.

If it's me that you wish,

say no more.

But don't waste time in

thinking or pondering

about me.

Touch me with your hands.

Tell me you like me with

your voice.

Look into my being

with your eyes.

You'll find a gentle spirit.

I will tell you that I like you

& the words love

won't be far behind.

My visions told me of a girl

like you. I was scare of it.

But I have away to confront

my fears & sometimes even learn

to love it.

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lovely poem .