glowing energy

Dreams of life seemed lost

But silver tarnished hearts in sync...

I am bliss!

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Uncontrolled Passions

Old Poems

Watching love pass
Fills the heart with pain

The tears and the heartache
are barely sustained

Longing for  words
that are spoken so sweet

But all that is received
are signs of defeat

No longer acknowledged in existance;
not even from the closest distance

Left here waiting to be loved

Forced to wait endlessly with




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such a sultry uncommon

this magnetic meeting

melding such sensuous minds

splendid delights are lurking

its music to the eyes

spontaneous kisses

so agile off your happy fingers

sing stories to my avid ears

though at an enrapt dissadvantage

we crystalized the mundane

as dull for us sang like an unveiled

beauty in the rain

to click at a level

too few feel to such dizzying heights

among the peers of poets

moments of unexpected welcome balmy


give birth to before unflyable kites

an aching expressiveness

translates itself

for the infatuated eye

from your simple smile

so worriless and sweet

to your hand and typed word

unto this receiver of recycled mirth

injector and projector

that I am

for your solacious eye

which I seem to inspire

bespeaks a charm so toasty warm

wrapped thus so in mutual allure

weaving itself into our attentions' very

own fabric

a lofty spell of timid sweet fire.....


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from the warmth of your enchanted breath's first

sweet whisper of my name

to the ultra romantic beige tips of my long elegantly

feminine toes

two ribbons of sweet fire

tremble at the precipice of such pulsing exultation

in a thick unbearably aching embrace

two luridly entranced sets of shimmering magnetic eyes

meld to better feast

grafting skin to welcomed skin

via gentle fingers all a glide

taking each exquisite touch in

such powerless attraction

so utterly powerful within itself

strengthened by such steeped longing

skirts eager heart beats to pound out a ravishing



a sweet wand

worn so deliciously well with maturity

slowly seals your lingering masculine lips to mine

a rush of flushing senses culminates into a

maddening rub of flirtatious fronts

that pounds at the shores of such sweet fusion

you reverently breath in the staccato rhythm of my

anxious heart beat

as I exhale your vibrant intensity

I want you in this moment so MUCH

a magnificent heat blooms in my lower belly's lush

soft flowering lawn

a raging forest fire of swirling sweet dampness

beckons these lovers to enjoy such salacious


an undulating depth charge about to ignite

beautiful welcome warning to the catalyst's staff

of just what dark explosive pleasures await this

first longed for entrance

so drink deep of my dazed attention

with a deeper hunger of your own

which prods you to absorb and greedily devour the

drowning pleasures of my sweet angelic cries

the exposed skin of my pale nape beneath such

sensuous dragging lips so open and scaldingly alive

loves this divine orifices ardent owner

while giddily tipped

Author's Notes/Comments: 

was in the mood for love what else can I say?

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In my mind

I still can see you

lying on clean crisp sheets

so white

your warm male body with its

tempting black,black hair


so inviting

like night

caressing the dawn's first hint

of light

such sensuous scenes in my head

makes my tummy clench

and my mouth long to reach out

and brush

any offered trail of warm male skin

your hand

your cheek

your chest

your thigh

whichever warm adornment of man

that you will allow me first to touch

that I would for you



caress and delight in

so, so much

I wouldn't complain

not even once


I'd smile like an all knowing siren

and lay invitingly supine

I gasp when I fully recall

what we've shared

the umpteen times  our teasing

tongues entwined

ravenous for the others taste

how my mouth lives with the trembling

memories of your warm wet dragging kisses

so gently brutal upon my pale soft skin

sipping at my deep well of love for you

is beyond its yearning heart's comprehension

I only know that my remembering makes me ache

so sweetly

in places you now know so intimately

to have you as such once again

why heaven could take a backseat

when you're so deeply anchored

to my frantically clutching feminine core

so the question is

do you care to give this us we've become

an encore

and bring this woman throbbingly back to life?

If so

then know

that this

lovely soul's door

is open for you as well

so be careful of what you really want



I only loved you

where as now

all of me

loves all of you

and he who can not handle that


should not dabble in my

emotion's generosity

(April 29,2000 6pm)  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is all about longing for a true lover of course.

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Lost In Each Other


Crystal-clear Sensations

Linger in the rainless air

Charged with passionate

Emotions on a crystalline night

Rose petals and bubble bath

Bed draped in purple silk

Nature's sweet elixir

To wet our thirsty lips

Taste my succulent banquet

Feast on my affection

Drink deep of my love

Inhale my erotic nature

Take what is freely given

Drown in my emotional fire

Slide deep in warm places

Shout with explosive passion

Lost in each other forever

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مت فى قلبى : د. عبد القيوم

مت فى قلبى          د. عبد القيوم

مت فى قلبى ولم أبكى عليك                              

فمعين الدمع قد نضب قديما

قبل أن أدنو إليك

إن عقلى اتعجب كيف قلبى فيك يخدع

وتقل لى صرت قلبا من حجر

أنا قد مت قبلا .. وتناثرت بعيدا قبل أوراق الشجر

وتجرعت كؤوس .. وتوسدت قدر

مت فى فدفنت خارج القلب الحجر

ترينى أطهر من أن يدفن فيها الآم القدر

هكذا الغدر أمر

عدت من دفنك وحدى أتألم

وأدارى قلبى المكسور كبرا

أتبسم .. وأغنى للربيع الغض والأشراق بالآمال مفعم

ذبحت كفاك .. قلبى و تقل صرت قلبا من حجر

أنت ظلم .. أنت جور

أنت نور .. أنت جور

أنا إحساس و حب و شروق

أنت للعالم فرحة .. أنا للظلمة نور

سرارة اللعوت تتلاقى يوم الموت

قرابتكم كقرابة شجر اللعوت ما تلتقي أعواده إلا عند حرقها بعد قطعها كذلك انتم لا تلتقون إلا عند وفاة أحدكم في الصلاة عليه – يضرب في المبالغة في الجفا


Author's Notes/Comments: 

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The crescent moon gradually rises.

Stars appear in gossamers of surprises.

You and I lay within forest of pine,

I pull your face ever closer to mine,

I feel a tingle running down my spine,

As I lay you gently down in supine,

I succumb into the state of sublime,

While you whisper soothingly to my mind.

Our lips touch in a moment of peace.

Our bodies relax as if in ease.

Our desires fuse in a torrent of motions.

Our hearts beat in a wave of emotions.

Our kisses, they drown the endless oceans.

Our embrace, the embodiment of devotions.

Eternal lovers, we snuggle arm to arm,

I move closer to shelter you from harm.  

Like slow mellow love songs,

We breathe each others lungs.  

Dwelling deeper into the passion we long,

Wanting everlasting this moment we belong.

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Hold me Jesus


Hold me Jesus,I'm filled with voices.

Hold me Jesus,let Your voice take control.

Hold me Jesus,don't let the evil unfold. Help me to know,and do what I'm told. Let Your voice lead me,teach me,and please let Your arms stay around me,and protect me from the dangers and toils that spoils the world around me.

Hold me Jesus,Let not my heart be troubled, keep me strong,let me not go into the wrong crowd,tell me things so I know its You,and I won't fall,keep me strong,Hold me Jesus, let me know You better,keep me in Your Light, so I don't see the fright that comes to me alot. Let me not forget,Your ways,and Your truth.

Written by:©Betty Bolden



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