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pen to paper,


no not quite.

leave mistakes to learn

remodel mistakes as I write.

Combining yesterdays memories

along with tomorrows dreams,

Today will be just as it seems. (just the way you created it).

A creator of poetry

Yes a poet, something like an addict

Addicted to writing poems

Looking for the certain high in the form of words

Those words to make me feel

Umm Umm Good.

Will this be the one, the best I've ever done

Could this one take me right to the top?

Maybe, but somehow I feel after this one

I just won't stop.

I need to write, I need to express

I want to feel free and poetry is the only thing that lets me be me.

I'd be lonely without it.

Ahhhhh Poetry

A way to show that I'm here.

There's no dealers in poetry

Just some addicts willing to share.

For right now I am my own supplier

Each poem that I write takes me there

But the next one will take me higher.

Always changing the position I'm in

it's very hard to stay still

Somebody please hand me a pen.

Ahhhhh Poetry. (got to love it)

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Jeffery Williams

Two people are in love.

Honesty, Truth, Faith,

Trust, Love, Sincere,

They feel for one another,

as they prove their hearts as one.

Caress, Touch, Kiss,

Lick, Whisper, Desire,

Everything they wished,

is now coming true.

Forever, Eternity, Life

One moment, one time!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem goes to 'Jeff'.

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Just a flickering glance between us

Ignites my inner fire,

The tongues of flame dart inward

To the core of my desire.

Starbursts cloud my vision

Like meteors in flight,

My senses start spinning

Down the tunnels of delight.

No world exists but our own

And you are the only one I see,

For we are at Heaven's doorstep

When you make love to me.

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The Seduction of whip cream, strawberries, and champagne

After Dinner Mint

Placing my tongue between your thighs

to tantalize with

Mmmm - succulent passion

the pink, red ripeness

of your swolen fruit

draining it's nectar so ever sweet

I can taste the eruption

from the crevice below

(PoP!!) from it gushes forth

an explosion of ectasy

milky white sweetness

churned to a fluff

like foamng bubbles

my face emerges

in it's overflow

only to nestle

in it's tenderness

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should i


your talent


i gave you

the brush,

the canvass

to paint





upon each


your eyes




the span

of my hips.

you said,

i am



as you exhibit


for everyone

to see.

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Come on baby

Come on baby, take off your dress,

clean your face from that mess.

I want to see you so naked,

and lisetn to all your secrets

We’ll go by the sea,

and forget who is me.

I’ll just be the man

to make you feel like a woman.

I’ll forget from where you came,

as for me its just the same.

To love each other in nature,

and give each other a life of pleasure.

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Whispered Passages

Whispered passages...of Keats and Frost,

Linger...long after she had read,

With a voice of a velvet tone,

As each verse was said.

I could see her eyes...they were shut,

Entranced in a world of prose,

And her slender neck...was gently fallen back,

An open book in her her hand a rose.

She took not a glance...upon that open book,

And her cadence was steadfast and true,

As if she penned...those words herself,

For it seemed, they were all she knew.

She softly she spoke,

One hand caressing the book,

Then a tear...fell from her cheek,

So I stretched for a closer look.

All I saw...was a dimpled page,

And a thought...then crossed my mind,

Could this beautiful woman before me now,

With the voice of blind?

What was in the book...which she caressed?

Was it Keats and Frost?

Or her diary that held...memories of,

Someone she had lost.

Before I had the chance to ask,

She paused and turned my way,

"Is someone there...please answer me?",

"Is there something you'd like to say?".

"Why yes said I...there is one thing",

"Your don't look sad?",

"You look so happy, so at peace",

"Are things in your life...that bad?".

Then she paused and gently smelled the rose,

Sighed softly...then she said,

"Dear boy, put your mind at ease",

"I think you have misread".

"Any happier...I just couldn't be",

"And whenever I feel lost",

I take the late husband gave me",

"Then whisper to him...Keats and Frost".

Zachary Joshua Morrow

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"This is from a childhood memory that has never left me, and of late have been quite lost myself. Then I remembered that day I met that lady, and it inspired me to write about it".

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on a pale moonlight

soft petals on my hands

ah, your letter!

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Our Drama

Family and Friends

Hurt me again

   like you used to

That's the only way

I can feel whole.

Without the dull ache,

I am not human.

I need us to need each other.

But the denial...

I can't have you.

The torment,

the yes...but no.

I need you to be strong


our moments of weakness

here and there

now and again.

I need you

But we can only be friends...

always preferable

to nothing at all.

And so I whisper...

Hurt me again

like you used to.

You know that I love it so.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Why ever did I write this?  Too raw maybe, too emotional.  Not much censorship. Note to the guy this is about( in case he reads it):  It's just about how I need you, even though my heart breaks sometimes over you.  

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