The Parlance of Adoration


My heart seeks truth.

You know the kind that

captures hearts and speaks

their real purpose openly.

If there were one thing

that I could have over

all other things, it would

be to find and be with my

on true love...forever.

This is neither a lofty

goal. Nor is it unattainable.

There is no illusion to it.

And it is not rife with hopeless

desire enshrouded in false hope.

It is real. It can happen.

And by the grace of God and,

if necessary, sheer will. I

will have my most longed for

treasure discovered and brought

home so it can be enjoyed


It is the truth of real love

that spurns me on. Ever forward

to those loving arms without a

face that wait so patiently for

me to come home to their

comforting embrace.

It is this surreal reality

in which my heart lives on

a noble, but seemingly,

endless quest for my "perfect

partner".  It is with great

determination and hope that

I embarked on this search.

When it is done, and my prize

of priceless value is at home

in the center of my heart, I

will weep openly to her...once.

In my tears will be my trust and

loyalty and adoration and committment.

Enough for a lifetime.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This quietly speaks of what I have been searching for while saying what we are all looking for.

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OriginalCyn's picture

Wow! What a glorious gift you have been blessed with! You put into words perfectly what, I believe, most individuals search for their entire lives. How very inspirational:) Thank you for sharing your gift.