not for those under 18!!! do not read!!!!!

This surrender.

In soft eyes I see light from my soul reflected

In light voice I hear my laughter returned

From touch your hand the caress that gives me hope

From lips embraced I know only velvet heaven

Enfolded arms give comfort unending

Soft flesh my dreams made true her legs enwrapped

From beating heart out her breast in twined

Smooth silken brace our hips in time

Our breath like a storm raging and fast

Out our bodies like the rain pours

Slow and demanding comes the rhythm

Rhythm demanding comes slow and hot

Plunging further inside the soul as one

As one inside the river runs

Pour out like skies in spring's release

Held in time this moments' bliss

Our kiss this time held close in breath

Your love to me I give from me to you

This surrender.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this one is for my wife. whom i adore.

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Alison Sailer's picture

oh please...this is beautiful! i've read many poems way more raunchy than this. this is great! It depicts the sexual without stooping to lust. and great analogies.