My Sweet Brian - (A Bit Intense)


He's taking me higher to

ectasy..feeling his sweet

carresses so softly over

my body quivering for the

taste of his tongue on mine

can't keep my eyes open

from the intense feelings

he's giving me half moaning

and pleading for more

feeling his hardness

pressing up against my


then gentley he eases

it in my awaiting lips

breathing heavily as

he rocks me back and

forth until I can't

take it and finally

we've met our climax

gasping for air looking

as if he can't take it anymore

he softly whispers.."I Love You."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Brian and what he's making me feel..

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Bubbling Blood

It is our main drive

Our instant reaction

It is the force of life

It is impulsive action

It is highly dramatic

It is sudden excitement

It tends to be climatic

Purely incitement

It bubbles the blood

Like lava molten

It comes from the gut

Words quickly spoken

It oozes with zeal

Perpetual enthusiasm

The feelings real

Bursting in spasms

It ignites blazing fire

Hasty growing flames

It is restless, not tired

Even a fruit bears its name

It is spurs of the moment

Extremist in reality

It thinks of no laments

It is parallel to intensity

It is ardently red

Bright and strong

Thinks not with the head

That takes too long

Spontaneous as can be

With delight for living

It is evident you can see

It is always giving

A Scorpio characteristic

It scurries in a craze

It appears ballistic

It enjoys the days

Anxious for tomorrow

Searching for adventure

For a risk to borrow

It is totally uncensored

It talks from the heart

It laughs from the gut

It is the essential part

Of the bubbling blood

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Take Me Away

As lovers sit beside each other

eye to eye they see

how meaning full and full of love

each other shall always be

Love they say is to strong for words

and to strong to throw around

but nothing feels more like love

then listening to their hearts' which pound

Love is the most incredible feeling

one usually describes with sighs

you can feel the warmth and respect

when you look in to your lovers eyes

If Love should ever come within two hearts

their souls will colide into one

Then life will turn into a wonderful place

and seem there is good to be done,

dont you see?

that i love you...and i always will be

its like this world would never be such a perfect gateway,

without you by my side..taking me away.

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Into Mine


Following our path

Distant sirens heard

Gearing up our math

Tuning out the word

That one we hate to know

Passing creeping vines

Moving extra slow

Missing all the signs

When you can't understand?

Where you can't see the light?

Who does this repremand?

Why don't they stay so tight?

Following our mind

Drifting on the raft

Trusting every kind

Mastering the craft

Scattered petals blow

Shifting inner cores

Misting waters flow

Fooling Cranivores

Forever skipping time

Being Honest when we shine

Nesting serenely slackest chimes

Following,leading into mine

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Lalalala, hehehe.

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Oh, pearl in the oyster's mouth

Perfect as a rose

Perfect as the sharpest thorn

Oh, hot tremble

In naked lips

Begging to embrace

In one smooth moan

In desperate rain

And bruising passion

Oh, pearl of the oyster's mouth

Set free

And surfacing

Our eyes meet

As if gazng in the mirror

And captured

Author's Notes/Comments: 

about a friend i have a crush on

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The wind moans in pleasure-

Or is it me?

The stars twinkle in mirth

As I succumb.

The tree limbs bend, entwine


The storm rises fast- How

The senses hum!

Ride it out, ride the storm

Oh night rider

Crest the wave, the ocean's

Highest peak

Challenge the gods boldly

Open wider

Love gives strength of purpose,

Finds what we seek.

Exultantly then roars out

The deep thunder.

Lightning illuminates

Oh too briefly.

We are left to absorb

Nature's wonder

As silver stars shine on,

Twinkling with glee.

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I can make you as weak as water -

At the same time awesomely strong.

Fireflies of desire dance with green fire

Burning away caution and pride-

Bur I do not want your future hate

For the sake of present love.

I know you are honorable, strong-willed -

And so this burning madness would bring


Silent and intense, I turn and walk away,


Magic ebbs . Weariness envelopes.

My heart is suddenly cold and old.

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I looked blankly around at the smoke detector

Sitting silently amid the conflagration

The golden red flames licked and arced across the planes and hollows

New flames burst forth in dancing delight

Smoke curled around my toes and rose thickly

To dizzying heights

I was enveloped in blinding radiant heat

I heard a fire alarm, finally

Jangling discordantly

Within my heart

Which was aflame

From your kiss.

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Let Us Dance

Love me - and right now,

As you promised me!

Hold me tight and vow

That you care for me.

Let us dance atop the water,

Let us frolic on the waves.

Let us skim the surf of Neptune,

Let us taste the wine that saves.

Kiss me, hard and strong

Kiss me soft and sweet

How the feelings throng

When our hot lips meet.

Let us dance atop the water,

Let us frolic on the waves.

Let us skim the nets of Neptune,

Let us taste the wine that saves.

Reveal to me now

Our eternity-

This love we endow

To each other, free.

Let us dance atop the water,

Let us frolic on the waves.

Let us skim the skein of Neptune,

Let us taste the wine that saves.

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