Mocking Shadows:


Mocking Shadows:

Shadows drift outside, mocking what I’ve become,
destroyed by circumstance, trampled by happenstance,
a shadow of what I could be, alone, hurt, memories haunting,
I sit here at my window sill watching the would past me by.

Stronger, that’s what they say that I am,
An overcomer is what I’m supposed to be,
but every night I close my eyes and all I see,
is the dark part of me, the child cowering in the corner.

Vultures circling waiting for death, to feast on rotting flesh,
eyes blurring, teetering on that edge,  watch them descend,
left here to die, the monster escaped, wondering the point,
not strong enough to pick up and move on, eyes slowly drift shut.

My pain is haunting me, lost on the drifts of anguish,
heartache seeps in crawling deep, the winds of terror,
burst forth sweeping me under, horror trapping me in a corner,
bitter and biting the frosted winds of misery cut, biting slices.

The shadows outside my window mock, for they are more than I,
nothing but a shade of what I could be, yet unable to break free,
lost on the this turbulent sea, emptiness capturing my heart,
struggling to just be, yet haunted by the pain in me.

I sit here a determine to be more, better than what I am,
yet for each step forward I take, life sets me three paces back,
slowly chipping away at the determined me, haunting me with the pain,
wanting to give up, yet still each day I awake and arise, hoping for more inside.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about becoming more

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Very descriptive. The way it

Very descriptive. The way it should be done. Very nice.

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Thank you!

Thanks so much! Do you think I lack as a poetry because I don't rhyme? I get asked about the fact that I don't rhyme often but  i don't believe that rhymes make a poem!

A. Smith

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In my opinion, artistic

In my opinion, artistic expression is what makes a poem, not the rhyme. I only use rhyme in most verses I write because I find it challenging, and I like the overall effect it gives the piece.
Poetry is an individual's creative expression composed with words. So write it the way you want to write it, not how someone else wants you to.

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Thank you for answering me! I will keep writing with my own artistic expression c:

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A. Smith