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#1. (https://ibb.co/XD6DDNW)
Terry August 1972, 20 years old, taken on our farm.

Terry, photo taken around 1973, about 21 years old.

Terry & Carrie Ann (future wife), photo taken summer 1976 or spring 1976 about 1 year before wedding. Terry was 24 -- Carrie was 22.

#4. (https://ibb.co/Jzfr3X8)
Tim, photo taken at Tim's home on Terry & Carrie's wedding day, June 4th 1977. Tim was 25 years old at the time of photo.

Terry at my wedding day, June 4th, 1977. To my wife Carrie Ann.

#6. (https://ibb.co/RSpZ0pL)
Terry's son, Luke. Photo taken when he was about 4 years old, 1990.

#7. (https://ibb.co/x6Dv8qj)
Terry, spring 1977 at 25 years old.

#8. (https://ibb.co/TK91SKM)
Terry, night photo taken wedding night, June 1977. 25 years old at time of photo, at Tim's home.

#9. (https://ibb.co/dBQN15Y)
Terry playing badminton at the local community college, around 1973 about 21 years old.

#10. (https://ibb.co/0QgMmfX)
Terry holding his white husky dog at dusk, summer 1973. About 21 years old at the time of photo. (Sometimes it takes a while to grow up for some of us young guys in the early 1970s)

#11. (https://ibb.co/L5FV4L2)
Terry & Tim, picture taken at one of our Canadian provincial parks, around summer 1957, about 5 years old. Terry on left & Tim on right.

#12. (https://ibb.co/Cv481MY)
Terry & Tim, born Jan 30th, 1952, picture taken about 1 year later, January 1953. Terry is on the left & Tim is on the right.


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