the ship that does not sail

will never be allowed to sink

the climber that does not scale the cliff

will not fall to his death

or so this, one would likely think

so then is it indeed not fair to say

that he who lets his fears stand

and walk before him will fail

before he is even given the chance to try

and then may I ask

is it because birds do not walk so terribly well

that they choose not so to run but rather to fly

or why are some moans of the greatest grief

often quieter than the softest sound of a saddened


so does not the said term to this very "IRONY" easily

enough apply


why is it not known yet

just exactly where Noah left his awesome old ark

and why do we see the night as our safe haven

from the sun's harmful rays and our very own selves

yet often associate incredible terror with the dark

maybe we will never fully obtain any exact answers

to such random inquisitions


I see perfect reason to end this ponder with a not

so simple one word question


I feel that alone should become my very own personal


perhaps it will be brought to immediate mind

on the very day that I am laid to the earth to die

and for that very same self promotional ad

on that very idealistic writer's journey

I will struggle somehow to embark


at least I will attempt to make a mental note

to try


let us hope that

that too on my part

is not a lark

swinging in the sweet by and by............

(Jan. 1, 1992 pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

an exercise in ironic thought or so I believed.

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Sinn Und Unsinn

Andere Länder andere Sitten

Rede, Albern -- Sinn?

Sitten sind gleich eine bitte um Vergleich

Mord ist Mord, ebenso Meuchelmord, Nord oder Süd;

Vergewaltigung, Zwang sind kein schöner Klang.

Ost oder West, schlagen ist genau schlecht

Für Menschen; Daher brauchen

wir offene Augen; Ohren zu hören.

Ernst Anständigkeit und sanft Inständigkeit

Ist nicht nur im Land, Urban aber gerade auch im Ausland, gefragt.

Alkohol, Wasser, Mettwurst, Leben Hunger Durst

Fühlen alle bewußt;

Der unterschied

Zwischen Nahrung, Genuß, Sättigung

Kennt jeder von Gesicht, mit ohne Aufmerksamkeit.

"Sprach unterschied ist kein Götter unterschiebt"

Von meines und deines das variable Gottesdienstes.

Mach dir keinen Unsinn dass mehrere Menschen unterwegs

sind zu Gott, freiwillig, nach ihrer eigener Art und Meinung.

Immer wieder die Wahrheit, keine Beleidigung ausbreiten;

Sicher, ohne tut gut die Gesellschaft nur verliert.

Sitten und Moral bleiben für Ewigkeit,

in alle Länder. Inhalt; Gleich

Egal was.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

C. Sense of morality cannot be different to the same species, Man.

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Master of Mine


Who'd have guessed it would have finally happened to me?

After all the times I'd dished it out,

It'd finally comin back around.

This whole past year, been always changing,

I'd been immortal, but I'm aging.

I'm so in love with all the oceans,

Too much to give in to the notions,

To give it up this time.

Why can't it just be mine?

The mystery that first night it kissed me,

Touched my heart and helped me breathe.

I'm so in love and so in need.

All that matters in my head,

All my heart needs to be fed.

Broken down, with no desire to start up again,

Lost in hell, with no desire to be found this time.

So confused, with no desire to make sense of it all,

I'm alone, with no desire to find my friends this time.

Empty inside, with no desire to ever be filled.

Cold as hell, with no desire for a soothing warmth.

      -Lo Ruhamah

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Why?! What is the significance?! I DON'T KNOW!!
- Pee Wee Herman

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What is This?

One day away or a little while ago,

A young farm girl asked me to show,

Her where the city lights do shine,

And if with her I'd spend some time,

Amongst the darkened city streets,

To wine and dine and dance the beats.

For she had not seen the scenes,

Of flashing neon and beauty queens,

And rush and pace about a place,

That has as many turns of face.

So I escorted her at the ebb of light,

To see the concreted city bright,

And took her to a restaurant fine,

As in to the bustle her eyes were wide.

We feasted on a tasty fare,

And as we finished she asked "Now where?"

So I gestured to the outside sheen,

As we ventured on ageen.

Through hails and visions of city life,

That only be seen on a Saturday night.

So next we frequented a buzzing club,

And danced and drank 'til slightly drunk,

And laughed and chatted through to the morn',

And said she should be home by dawn,

So we exited the club to catch a cab,

To get us back to the green open land.

Back through the glossy city shine,

She thanked me for a night divine,

And like a butterfly's brush, placed a kiss,

That felt like velvet upon my lips,

Then reached down and took a grip,

And cooingly asked, "Ooh, what is this?"

As I strained upon my tailored plaid,

I knew the dawn would have to wait,

As over her shoulder I glanced a motel,

And told the cabbie there to fell,

Us onto the steps, as we then booked and romped,

She not worried as to the dawn her prompt.

Next day we slowly traveled to country glen,

Not caring how or where or when,

But soon upon the homestead lawn,

I spied my new to-be father-in-law,

With shotgun resting across his wrist,

As he scowled, "Well now, what is this?"

©R.H.Elliott 2003

Author's Notes/Comments: 

...perhaps in some parts.

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"Thanks again"

I'm stronger than I was before

I'm not a weak little girl anymore

I'm smarter than you thought I could be

Smart enough to see you're lying to me

I'm not as trusting as I was before,

I used to be gullible but,alas, no more!

I used to be a sap for your lies

Forgetting everything but you in my life

I thought the sun and moon revolved around you

Obeyed your beck and call

And through all this, yes through it all..

I just wanna say thanks for being the jerk you are :)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hehehehe..Kinda like "Fighter" by Christina Aguilera

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All Lies


Bloated zombie

Float on screen

Deceit written large

Stiff bald face.

Dude eyes --

Speak in terms

Of deliverance.

The hungry journalists


Parched lips

Drink from lies.

Get stomachaches

Matter, top-secret

Saucy to expect

a share of our bread.

Dare the crowds

defy the head

Lap to swallow

all that's left

The cad's vacant promise

Of Righteousness.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Actors play zombie for morsels to survive. They come from all fields of life..a stage.

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On The Road


Whether in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai

Road scenes, yes, incredibly incredulous!

Drive through Kolkata Mahatma Gandhi Road straight

Rags hung across metal road dividers meet your eyes.

More attentive, these are but uniforms

Of Bharat Band washed on M.G. Road


Water supply? No problem, just unscrew the roadside hydrant

And Loa! A laundry instant to rid stubborn beetle leaf stains.

Scrub, rub, and beat hard without restrain.

Earn a living, The Bharat Band Play instruments,

and the drum for ceremonies and weddings.

My words, please do not misunderstand

It is not advertisement for The Bharat Band.

Let us switch over to Mumbai

It's no different to Kolkata, Chennai. Traffic woes

never cease, weary traveller never at ease.

Multiple compulsions take to the roads?

Mumbai hospitals magnetic pull

Surge patients through proper channel

Tata Memorial Centre, Parel

Life's high hopes with results -- Yes,

India's pride one of the best. Easy reach made arduous

To carcinoma control the path strewn with boulders --

decisive acid tests, on the roads.

Please continue through

Follow-ups, I, sigh


Again the roads need to be traversed

Nightmares in broad daylights

Sleazy operations. Men clothed as women

gyrate vulgar with outstretched palms.

Extortion at each traffic junction -- Volley of abuse

for not paying attention to loquacious eunuch demands.

Andheri, Bandra, Dadar, Khar, Borivili, Mallard.

O Lord! We pray for justice.

Three wheelers of Chennai roads spin you aimless

Though it is stones throw distance from temple to your hotel rooms.

Perhaps the driver is brand new on the roads

Yet to be familiar with the whereabouts of the various cities offers’ our nerves!

The meek and humble, God bless us!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Metropolitan Mess of the Eyewitness: February 2003 India.

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Ironic 7-19-00


You hear but don't listen

You look but don't see

You touch but don't feel

All the emotions inside of me.

You call but don't answer

You drink but don't swallow

You lead but fall behind

I lead and you don't follow.

You cook but don't eat

You buy but don't sell

You live but don't breathe

You ignore and say "oh well".

You toast but have no bread

You drive but have no car

You clean but have no soap

In life you won't get far.

You sleep but are conscience

Yo9u are hydrated but have no water

You bleed but have no blood

You were born but have no mother.

You paint but have no picture

You burn but have no flame

You are healed but wounded

I am wild yet you are tame

You laugh but are mad

You cry but have no tears

YOu smile but have no lips

I panic but have no fears.

You are popular but have no friends

You know the movies but have no t.v.

You know everything but had no school

My deepest thoughts will never be seen.

You are dressed but have no clothes

You talk but have no tounge

You build but have no wood

I am done but I've just begun

Author's Notes/Comments: 

some things are just kinda weird in life, and you don't realize it until you pay close attention.

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The Contradiction of Me

Maliciously peaceful

Always never the same

Truthfully manipulative

Tyrant and tame

Helpful yet disruptive

Enthusiastic, but dull

Wonderfully plain

Chaotic and in control

Lovingly ignorant

Angry and at peace

Young and mature

Totally incomplete

Occasionally consistent

Nothing and everything at once

Peacefully aggressive

Educated dunce

Rewarded and ignored

King of peasantry

Ignorantly intoned

Never have and always will be

Stylishly rugged, Matthew C. Perkins is my name

you often call me different, but you’re all just the same

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Everyone is hypocrytical at some point. (So it isn't my best, it got the point across)

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